Business Web Portals

Improve communication and collaboration with your key stakeholders
Effective communication is vital for every successful business. Empower your employees, suppliers and customers through the introduction of a business web portal. Web portals help your business to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Establish a more efficient process for dealing with routine tasks and procedures, with a minimised drain on your resources.

Portal Solutions 

Supplier Portal

Streamline the management of different suppliers by creating a centralised hub for all supplier information. Your suppliers gain self-service access to vital information and are able to upload all required data when fulfilling an order.


  • Purchase order retrieval, tracking and validation
  • Stock query functionality from your internal software systems
  • Live reporting for just-in-time production requirements
  • Self-billing and purchase invoice status reporting
  • Document sharing, versioning and collaboration

Customer Portal

A customer portal provides an environment where you can interact with your customers 24/7. Responding to customer demands quickly increases customer satisfaction and therefore improves retention.


  • Online ordering – including order history and pricing information
  • Live reporting of data from your internal software systems
  • Document sharing, versioning and collaboration
  • Graphical dashboard of customer service levels
  • Customer service helpdesk

Employee Portal

Create a central location for your staff to communicate, both in and out of the office. Information can be shared more easily and is accessible from a range of devices and locations.


  • Bulletin board for important notices and business communications
  • Dashboards for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting
  • Staff polls and forums to promote innovation
  • Published calendars for internal events and holiday planning
  • Central hub for HR documentation for self-service employee access

A Guide to Transitioning from Paper to Web Portal

Download our free guide on transitioning from Paper to Web Portal. The guide considers the main business advantages of introducing a business portal, the type of portal suitable for your business and the key steps for successful implementation.

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