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Automate your HR processes from application to onboarding.
Ensure compliant, consistent and unbiased recruitment with a fully accessible streamlined digital solution.

Power Up Your Recruitment with Voice Technology

Ensure compliant, consistent and unbiased recruitment with a digital solution fully aligned with your current HR software

Automating HR processes can be a scary task. Not anymore! Allsop Software and PeopleHQ have come up with an HR Solution, where we bring all your current HR software together, keeping all the data and storing it in one place. On top of it, with the latest Voice Technology, we ensure a higher application rate as it takes 3 times faster to apply for a role using our tech.

If you have multinational staff, it is also an easy task for the application. Our software translates information from 120+ languages and automatically pulls all the details into the dashboard, leaving your HR team to check if the candidate is the right fit for your company.

Benefits of HR Automation

More Inclusive Recruitment

By utilising voice technology capable of coping with multilingual applicants, you remove many traditional barriers associated with written job applications.

Improved HR Compliance

Digitising your interview and onboarding process ensures all data collected is securely stored and that the correct procedures are consistently followed.

Improved Employee Retention

By providing an improved onboarding experience you decrease the risk of your employee leaving. Up to 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days.

Reduced Recruiting Costs

Costs are reduced through the automation of labour-intensive admin tasks. As well as the decrease in costs associated with employee turnover. 

Streamlined HR Processes

Empower your HR staff with increased data visibility and centralised access to new start details. This helps to reduce time and money spent on the hiring and onboarding process.

Reduced Time to Hire

Automation of admin tasks such as scheduling interviews speeds up the recruitment process and can progress suitable candidates faster. 

Delivering Benefit to all in the Recruitment Process 

Experiences a Streamlined Application Process 

  • Initial voice application
  • Multi-language application
  • Upload all required documentation
  • Document scanning – data extracted to reduce data entry
  • Timely email and phone correspondence throughout the process

Experiences an Improved Interviewing Process and Hiring Process 

  • Guided digital interview, ensuring  a consistent interview and HR compliance
  • Ability to conduct remote interviews
  • Offers can be issued on the completion of a successful interview
  • Automation removes the mundane task of data entry
  • Improved user experience with a modern digital interface


Can Ensure 100% Compliance 

  • Configure the required governance for each job opening in advance
  • All documentation and applicant answers are recorded instantly
  • Monitoring and Medical declarations
  • Reporting functionality allows the HR manager to report on compliance throughout the hiring process at the touch of a button


Benefits through 

  • Attracting a stronger and more diverse employee pool due to the accessibility of applying
  • Demonstrating a fair and unbiased hiring process, protecting the business owner from spurious claims of discrimination
  • Automation of the hiring process reduces dependency on skilled managers in the hiring process without reducing business compliance
  • Admin automation frees up the HR Department’s time to focus on more value add activities
  • Significant reduction in costs through all phases of the application process
  • Reduced absenteeism


Our Platform Integrations

Our software is fully integrated with many ERP systems
any business uses to make your working life better

Which platforms do we integrate?

We have integrated with 100’s of systems – notably Infor M3, Epicor, Tropos, Dynamics AX, SAP, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Sage, Magento, NAVison, IFS

What about API and File?

API – configurable JSON input or output of workflow/entity data. Authentication via OAuth. File – CSV or JSON file output via SFTP

Do we work with bespoke solutions?

We also work with bespoke LOB apps using SQL, SOAP and WCF. Also, apart from the standard API and SFTP options, we have integrated with several ERP, eCommerce and CRM systems via custom integration code

Understand Your Needs

We know how daunting it is to trust software companies with your processes. However, we thrive to improve your tedious manual tasks with automation by clearly understanding your business.

✔ Do you want to improve the recruitment process for your potential employees but don’t know where to start?

✔ Does your HR team have tedious tasks that take up their working day, leaving your candidates without any feedback?

✔ And do you want to continue growing your business without a need for constant headcount growth?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, we recommend having a quick look at our FREE-of-charge handbook with the latest technologies that can help you to tackle these issues.

Our Software Features 

Voice Application

Applicants can complete their initial application by calling a voice bot. Collecting all data and applicant details and collating in the central application dashboard.

Application Dashboard

The portal displays a high-level view of the details of all job applicants and applications that have been received from all sources. 

Interview Process

Interview times can be scheduled by the voice bot. Interviews are then carried out on a mobile or tablet with all information and notes collected digitally and sent back to the web portal.

Candidate Progression

Based on information collected in the interview, candidates are automatically split between successful and unsuccessful. The appropriate letters of offer or rejection are sent to each candidate.

Letter of Offer and Onboarding

A letter of offer is sent, if accepted the candidate receives their contract of employment. Once all required documentation is uploaded by the employee, all new-start information is automatically sent to them. Internally each department is updated with the new start details and required tasks to start the onboarding process.

Absence Management

Voice enable technology can be utilised to monitor employee absenteeism. The voice bot can ring employees who have not arrived for work, any issues can then be flagged with the appropriate manager to ensure employee wellbeing.

What Our Clients Say

It is important for Allsop to listen to our clients. Therefore, we always make sure to ask for feedback on installed business automation solutions.

With the help of Allsop’s solution, we were able to grow and expand our business which is a massive benefit for us. By working closely with Allsop, we have been able to hit 500% ROI growth by year 2, so we are excited about our future!

Vegetarian Express

We have seen cost savings through eliminating paper and reducing admin time. Allsop has been a collaborative partner for us and any customisation we have required of Factory Services have been achieved to a high standard.

Framptons Ltd

Allsop solution brought so much joy to our team! Our staff share how delighted they are with digitalized features that help them save 1 hour each day. We are excited about our future results with our software powered by Allsop.

Frylite Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?
Allsop is a Belfast-based software company, dedicated to improving the lives of business software users, across Ireland, UK and US. Today our platform harnesses 25+ years of experience so that your team can deliver the most efficient work and enjoy active job satisfaction adding value to the customer.

Our platform accommodates individual customers’ workload without the need for custom code; user functions are delivered efficiently with all information simply presented without wasting time searching. With the Allsop platform, you create various workflows to automate repetitive and tedious processes. At the moment, we focus on 3 main processes you can automate and benefit from. Such as Order Automation for the Customer Service team; HR Automation for the HR department and Data Management for various parts of the business where you need to visualise all data.

If you are not sure what solution will fit your business, request a call with our team so that we could discuss your processes more closely!

How does automation software work?
Business Automation is a smart way to improve work processes and sky-rocket customer service satisfaction. Therefore, automation Software will differ from processes, teams and the type of business you want to automate. However, you can divide this process into 3 main stages: identify a workflow you want to automate; get a proposal from your software partner, i.e. Allsop, to ensure your interests are met; try the delivered solution and learn the main benefits of the platform.

If you are looking for Automation Software, get a discovery call with Allsop to learn more about our solutions and how we can improve your processes with automation.

How do I identify processes for automation?
In short, everything that is between a machine and software is a process workflow. Therefore, you need to find processes that slow down your business, create unnecessary work or play a crucial role in customer satisfaction rate. Always remember to focus on industry practices to be as good as the competition if not better. This way you will need to automate and digitalise only those processes that have a direct impact on your business, as there is no need to automate all the processes in your company.

At last, one of the essential aspects of automation is having a partner – a software company – who can help you to identify all possibilities of your chosen workflows and create a digital form of your ideas. So make sure to find a company that will value you and your needs in this process.

Is it easy to implement your software?
At Allsop, we deliver solutions that are easily integrated into your current software so that you don’t have to worry about embedding new software into your systems by yourself. On top of that, our professionals will make it straightforward for your IT department as we support your business from the start of implementation. Therefore, we will bring digital transformation into life without an IT hassle.
What are the benefits of workflow automation?
Your business will see a great change after the implementation of automation in your workflows. For example, Allsop customers regularly save more than 1000 hours with our automation solution within customer services, improving team morale. They also save over £200,000 a year, which is subject to the number of sales order tasks processed daily. And lastly, our Integrated Automation always improves data accuracy.

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