Customer Order Management

Achieve 99.9% accuracy with automated customer order processing.

Allsop use AI and Machine Learning to automatically capture and process orders, validate pricing and availability, generate order confirmations, and trigger your existing fulfilment workflows. 

Todays Order Landscape

In the post-Covid era, e-commerce has seen a significant growth, while telesales have declined. Email ordering has increased, and EDI has remained stable. This shift towards e-commerce and email/messaging orders is due to a decrease in available personnel within contact centres.

Currently, e-commerce accounts for 55% of orders, EDI for 10%, telesales for 20%, and email for 15%. The trend shows a decline in telesales and an increase in email orders.

How Does It Work?

1. Orders received

The system captures orders from existing enterprise systems using technology such as email, file transfer, or API.

2. Allsop Customer Order Management

The system extracts all necessary customer order information. It then intelligently processes this information, confirming price, availability and delivery scheduling required for successful order fulfilment. 

Custom business logic can be applied through rules configuration, data validation & data mapping. Exceptions flagged for manual intervention.

3. ERP Integration and Reconciliation

Fully integrated with your existing ERP and CRM systems to provide a comprehensive view of customer data, enabling personalised service, ensuring seamless flow of order information and financial data.  

Allsop Customer Order Management is a powerful tool for managing your business. It captures and processes orders, automatically flags issues and notifies your Customer Service team of any exceptions. This provides greater efficiency and accuracy for your team and improves Customer Satisfaction.

With the Allsop Solution you will no longer worry about worker shortages and training new staff as it takes less time to automatically proceed your standard orders. It will also allow you to grow your business without the need to increase headcount.

Support your team by taking the headache out of manual order keying and giving them more time to communicate with customers.

86% Reduction in Order Processing Costs

Software Features

Automated order processing

Automatically capture and process customer orders, validate pricing and availability, generate order confirmations, and trigger fulfilment workflows.

Integrate with inventory management

Check inventory availability in real time, automatically processing orders in line with stock policy and transport scheduling ensuring the highest customer service.

Order Leakage Dashboard

Allsop Customer Order Management captures, processes, and fulfils orders from multiple sources and channels. The dashboard alerts the customer service team to missed orders eliminating order leakage.

Real-time order tracking

Integration with logistics allows for seamless tracking and timely updates. Real-time order tracking capabilities provide visibility and transparency to customers.

Integrate with CRM and ERP systems

A consolidated view of all customer data, enabling personalised service, and ensures seamless flow all the required information to support continuous improvement.

Continuously monitor and optimise performance

Regularly monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to order management. Use AI to identify anomilies in your customer data which are invisible to the naked eye.

Understand Your Needs

We know how daunting it is to trust software companies with your processes. However, we thrive to improve your tedious manual tasks with automation by clearly understanding your business.

✔ Do you want to improve the Customer Experience of your customers but don’t know where to start?

✔ Does your team have tedious tasks that take up their working day, leaving your customers or users without any support?

✔ And do you want to continue growing your business without a need for constant headcount growth?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, we recommend having a quick look at our FREE-of-charge guide with the latest technologies that can help you to tackle these issues.

          What Our Clients Say

With the help of Allsop’s solution, we were able to grow and expand our business which is a massive benefit for us. By working closely with Allsop, we have been able to hit 500% ROI growth by year 2, so we are excited about our future!

Vegetarian Express

We have seen cost savings through eliminating paper and reducing admin time. Allsop has been a collaborative partner for us and any customisation we have required of Factory Services have been achieved to a high standard.

Framptons Ltd

Allsop solution brought so much joy to our team! Our staff share how delighted they are with digitalized features that help them save 1 hour each day. We are excited about our future results with our software powered by Allsop.

Frylite Solutions

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