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Data Management made Easy

Ensure enhanced data quality with a data
management workflow designed by you.

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation and disparate systems and a jumble of spreadsheets is enough to cause major data inaccuracies and make your teams’ jobs a lot more difficult.

In line with the importance of correct data, we present a Data Management solution that focuses on delivering one single source of truth within your organisation.


Rather than replacing your current systems, we provide a data service that integrates and connects all these to reduce multiple layers of data entry.

You define the workflow and we reduce the friction by eradicating processes such as duplicate data entry, the manual sharing of information and manual sign off.

Some of the Benefits that will be Achieved with Improved Data Management

Improved Data Accuracy

With more control over data input, you ensure only correct data is entered. Not only this but integration ensures that the correct data is automatically transferred to your ERP.

Improved Efficiency

Correct data is available to your team at their fingertips. Eradicating problems associated with unreadable or unaccessible data encourages increased efficiency. 

Improved Collaboration

Departments across the organisation can access the MDM solution to upload any relevant information which improves the ease and speed of cross-departmental collaboration.

Improved Data Consistency

Increased control over data input ensures that all data is in the correct format and complete. 

Improved Decision Making

Combining your data in one place provides better insights and ease of analysis, ensuring that data-driven decisions can be made with reliable data. 

Improved Data Security

The MDM solution ensures that users only have access to the data relevant to them. 

Customers Evolving with Allsop

“The data solution ensures all product data is 100% accurate, and each department has access to this at the touch of a button. The solution is reliable and we have had no performance issues compared to our previous method using spreadsheets. Allsop is a great company to work with and their level of customer service is exceptional.”

Streamlining Business Operations across the UK and Ireland 

Allsop is based in Belfast and we have over 20 years experience of delivering intelligent software solutions to a range of customers across Ireland and the UK. During this time, we have experienced first-hand the shift to data-driven businesses where access to real-time, relevant and reliable data can be the making or breaking of a company. 

We take a collaborative approach with our clients, to understand your business from the ground up. This enables us to build on your existing assets to minimise the process of change whilst maximising its impact.

Your solution will be designed and implemented to enable you to overcome the specific challenges you face with data management. 

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