Around 30% of your orders are lost in spam folders daily. What are you doing about it?

30% of orders are lost in Customer Service inboxes daily costing businesses like yours reputation, money and customer satisfaction. Do you want to change it? We have an answer for you!

Customer Service

Is Customer Service
Priority For Your Company?

Communication Issues

Do you have a lack of communication between teams?

Stock Availability

Is Your Team Unaware of Stock Availability?

We Know HOW To Help

Exceed Customer Service Level

If your team is busy manually keying orders, it is likely your Customer Service is suffering. With automation, you can provide excellent help and ensure all orders are correct. You can also save time and boost your Customer Satisfaction by making more calls to your customers, especially when it takes 5 times more work to find a new customer than to retain one. 


Do you have hundreds of spreadsheets that are not connected to one another? Our solution will give you the latest information you require at your fingertips leading to enhanced communication between you and your customer without a need to go searching elsewhere!

Handle Stock and Order Issues

Are you and your customers in the dark about the status of stock and orders? With our platform, you will receive complete visibility of ordered out-of-stock products to keep your customers up-to-date with the latest information to avoid any issues. Additionally, you will be aware of any order leakage to avoid losing sales!

Say NO to complex forms, 
Say YES to happy customers

Order Management is a powerful tool for managing your business. It captures and processes orders, automatically flags issues and notifies your Customer Service team of any exceptions. This provides greater efficiency and accuracy for your team and improves Customer Satisfaction.

With the Allsop Solution you will no longer worry about worker shortages and training new staff as it takes less time to automatically proceed your standard orders. It will also allow you to grow your business without the need to increase headcount.

Support your team by taking the headache out of manual order keying and giving them more time to communicate with customers.

Our Software Features

Our Software Utilises Many Features To Make Your Work Life Easier
Data at a glance
All your information is at your fingertips with a BI dashboard securely embedded in the solution. Provide users with up-to-date and ready-made analysis without the need to involve IT.
Trend information
Overview of data trends presented within BI reports allows instant interpretation of KPI performance over time.
Live stock information
View the latest updates on stock availability with a centralised view of all stock details. Stock information is more easily accessible to enable customer enquiries to be answered more quickly.
Seamless order processing
Collect orders swiftly and validate based on customer rules, with exception handling which helps resolve flagged issues quicker and improve order accuracy and reduction of human errors and manual processing. Increased internal data consistency with standardised forms that are automatically filled. 
Improved customer relationships
Customer order oversight improves trust between customer and supplier. Predictive analytics can help you understand your customers through various data insights. E.g. Order history, order locations etc. 
Order insights intelligence
Actionable insights to ensure order value is maintained and there is no order leakage. Help empower users to make data-driven business decisions.
Robust integration
Orders upload into your ERP system without any human input. Example integration includes – Infor M3, Epicor, Dynamics AX, SAP, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Sage, Magento, IFS. As well as interrogate data your way with adhoc exploration and root cause analysis.
“The ability to grow and expand the solution has been a massive benefit for us, working closely with Allsop we have been able to build on our initial requirements and develop a solution that will support us going forward.”

Head of Programme Management

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Our Platform Integrations

Our software is fully integrated with many ERP systems
any business uses to make your working life better

Which platforms do we integrate?

We have integrated with 100’s of systems – notably Infor M3, Epicor, Tropos, Dynamics AX, SAP, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Sage, Magento, NAVison, IFS

What about API and File?

API – configurable JSON input or output of workflow/entity data. Authentication via OAuth. File – CSV or JSON file output via SFTP

Do we work with bespoke solutions?

We also work with bespoke LOB apps using SQL, SOAP and WCF. Also, apart from the standard API and SFTP options, we have integrated with several ERP, eCommerce and CRM systems via custom integration code

Understand Your Needs

We know how daunting it is to trust software companies with your processes. However, we thrive to improve your tedious manual tasks with automation by clearly understanding your business.

✔ Do you want to improve the Customer Experience of your customers but don’t know where to start?

✔ Does your team have tedious tasks that take up their working day, leaving your customers or users without any support?

✔ And do you want to continue growing your business without a need for constant headcount growth?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, we recommend having a quick look at our FREE-of-charge handbook with the latest technologies that can help you to tackle these issues.

What Our Clients Say

It is important for Allsop to listen to our clients. Therefore, we always make sure to ask for feedback on installed business automation solutions.

With the help of Allsop’s solution, we were able to grow and expand our business which is a massive benefit for us. By working closely with Allsop, we have been able to hit 500% ROI growth by year 2, so we are excited about our future!

Vegetarian Express

We have seen cost savings through eliminating paper and reducing admin time. Allsop has been a collaborative partner for us and any customisation we have required of Factory Services have been achieved to a high standard.

Framptons Ltd

Allsop solution brought so much joy to our team! Our staff share how delighted they are with digitalized features that help them save 1 hour each day. We are excited about our future results with our software powered by Allsop.

Frylite Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to ensure excellent customer service with digital transformation?
The goal of any digital transformation project is to improve, and that can be to improve processes but it can also improve the experience. At Allsop, we identify 3 main steps to get success in improving customer experience.

1. Try to bring customers along with you to be able to ask for their opinion on your processes.
2. Test often. If something is not working – stop, look at the process again and identify changes to make sure you’re still on your goal.
3. Always look at the processes you can automate to get full value from your internal staff. For instance, a call centre operative can provide better customer service by having time on the phone with customers than typing in order details received via email or fax.

What difference will Seamless Order Performance make for the customer?
At least half of the prospects say they don’t need Digital Transformation and they’re happy with manual work. However, your customers will notice it sooner or later. Automation helps you to deliver orders on time, boost customers’ satisfaction rate and improve the working lives of your Customer Service team. Therefore, Digital Transformation is as much about your company and your people as it is about your customers.
How exactly can digital transformation provide a return on investment (ROI)?
Every project is different, so it will have different measures. However, the importance here is to understand what exactly you want to achieve with the possibility to measure it along the way. Two things we often find projects focus on are:

– What time can be saved
– What added value can become the output

By looking at these two things and measuring them, hopefully, you can start to see where you have your return on investment.

In one example, we had a customer who, as a result of a new contract being won, was planning to employ 5 new people to maintain customer service levels. We reviewed their processes, and with a digital transformation project they were not only able to maintain their service levels, but they doubled their results in some key service areas, and with only 1 additional person.

Their estimated ROI was 500% by year 2 and continues to grow year-on-year due to ongoing efficiencies as a direct result of the project.

They managed to get such success because they identified processes they need to improve and had a clear understanding of the digital transformation costs.

Can you predict any business changes with automation?
Ever wondered why clients leave your company and how you can predict it?
Or when to be ready for another pick season and have all stock in place?
Well, you definitely asked what type of products you need to develop so that your clients can benefit from them.
If you said yes to at least one of the sentences above, you might want to consider automation and predictive analytics for your company.

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