Vegetarian Express Continuous Improvement programme drives £139,430 cost reduction with the help of Allsop.

Allsop assisted Vegetarian Express by automating 130,821 internal processes across 6 workflows, saving the Customer Service team approximately 12,188 hours.

Vegetarian Express is the leading specialist distributor of vegetarian and vegan products in the UK foodservice industry. As the company expanded, they identified bottlenecks in their Operational Workflows. To address this, they partnered with AllSop to develop an AI powered automated workflow that could fully automate a previously time-consuming, cross departmental process, connecting their Customer Orders, Inventory, Pricing, Credit Control, Mobile Warehouse and Delivery.


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Order Management Solution and how it works

Using the latest AI and digital innovation technology, Allsop developed a fully automated workflow engine. By utilising Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Document Process Automation (DPA), Allsop Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) scans all incoming email/docs/integrated data points and automatically extracts and parses the required data, such as stock availability, credit control, pricing, order picking/delivery on mobile device in adherence to best practice guidelines.

Additionally, the base configuration of Allsop IPA can also incorporate a wide range of custom business logic to automatically process the most time consuming internal tasks and complex workflows.


The Continuous Improvement project resulted in significant cost reduction and operational efficiency gains for Vegetarian Express, reducing the workload for their administrative team by 12,188 hours.

“The ability to grow and expand the Order Management Solution has been a tremendous benefit for us. Working closely with AllSop, we have been able to build upon our initial requirements and develop a system that will support our future needs.”

Head of Programme Management

Vegetarian Express

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