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Tyrone Fabrication is a large manufacturer of advanced steel equipment enclosures for the transportation, communications and power supply industries. Working on a wide range of projects from single bespoke designs to multi-channel network systems. Tyrone Fabrications have a strategy of constant development of both product and skills. This guarantees consistent quality in their engineering and project management expertise.

Prior to the introduction of a Custom Web Portal

Tyrone Fabrication had a system in place to collect and store their orders. Although this worked well to consolidate all of their orders. The system only recorded when the order was placed and once the order was dispatched. This meant that managers had limited visibility of the progress of an order in terms of the design and manufacture process. This made it difficult for managers to report on performance. As well as it being problematic to respond to customer queries rapidly if there had been a delay on their order. On the production floor, staff relied on paper worksheets which could easily get lost or damaged.

The Solution

Building on their existing systems we developed a custom web portal. The web portal is accessed throughout Tyrone Fabrications and creates a dashboard for all workers which displays orders on an intuitive interface. Orders are organised in delivery date priority with the most urgent order at the top. Orders are flagged red once they reach a 3 day order turnaround time to quickly alert staff of their priority.

The portal shows a full view of the orders as they progress through the design, manufacturing and dispatch stages. Managers can move the order through each stage at the touch of a button. Varying levels of access are provided to the staff – all members can view the orders and subject to their responsibility within the company they can move orders and view order book values. By providing a real-time view of each order, managers and staff now have complete visibility of operations. The portal also allows for users to easily search to find out the status of any given order.

The software has been readily utilised throughout Tyrone Fabrication due to its intuitive design as well as the time-saving benefits it has brought for their staff.

‘Allsop had a great understanding of exactly what we needed and the software they delivered has helped to keep both our staff and customers happy.’ Adam McDermott, Project Manager.