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Framptons are a world class processor of liquid foods based in Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Founded in 1898, Framptons have a heritage of more than a century in the food industry.


of Production



Framptons are a world class processor of liquid foods based in Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Founded in 1898, Framptons have a heritage of more than a century in the food industry. Service and quality are paramount to what Framptons do and has allowed them to maintain a competitive advantage in their industry.


Prior to the introduction of a Custom Web Solution

Prior to the Factory Services software, Framptons relied on a full paper system to keep track of the production line. Paper in the factory could get lost or damaged causing issues when it came to data re-entry. By relying on a paper-based system the management in Framptons found there was often a delay with resolving disruptions to production. Managers had to rely on ringing down to the factory floor to be able to diagnose a problem.

The Solution

The Factory Services Software we have built and developed for Framptons Ltd. is used to control and record production during the production run. This information is then transferred across the factory to the transport depot so that produce can be efficiently loaded.

The Factory Services software is accessed by all members of staff in Framptons, with varying levels of access controlled by unique 4 digit pins. The system is used throughout the factory from the back office to the touch screens placed on the factory floor. The intuitive software has been readily utilised by all staff members and has helped to reduce mistakes in production.

The software has enabled Framptons to significantly reduce paper from the factory floor which has helped to increase efficiency and traceability in production as well as improved visibility for managers. What used to take several sheets of paper has now been reduced to two taps on a touch screen.

Management now has increased visibility as data is fed back in real time. As well as being able to generate reports and have the flexibility of amending or modifying a product or a production line at any stage. This visibility also allows them to deliver improved customer service, helping them to keep many prestigious packing contracts.

Meeting food standards has never been a problem for Framptons but having Factory Services software makes the process a lot easier as traceability and accountability have been enhanced.

“We have seen cost savings through eliminating paper, reducing admin and labour time. Allsop has been a collaborative partner for us and any customisation or unique specifications we have required of Factory Services has been achieved to a high standard.”

 Declan Daly, Framptons Ltd.



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