Effective Employee Onboarding – Top Tips

Watch the full joint webinar with HeadsTogether in the video below. 

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Why is onboarding important? How can your procedures be improved? And how can technology and automation support and streamline the process?

About the Webinar

Recent research reveals that 90% of people who decide to leave a new job, make that decision in their first month. This startling statistic highlights the importance of making a great first, and hopefully lasting impression, on your new employee. An important step in delivering that great first impression is creating an excellent onboarding experience.

A great onboarding experience sets your employee up for success – to be productive, to feel valued and ultimately to become a loyal team member within your company. Employee turnover can be expensive, with Glassdoor estimating that the average company spends £3,000 recruiting each new hire. Your onboarding experience is the first step to helping improve your staff turnover and avoid costly mistakes.

In this informative webinar we will focus on our top tips that you can apply when planning or improving your onboarding process, taking into consideration the current challenges of hybrid working arrangements, and onboarding new employees virtually. We will discuss and explore, using real life examples, how onboarding can be supported through technology to ensure a structured and efficient experience for everyone involved.


The webinar is delivered by Lynsey Stewart, Director from HeadsTogether and Ian Topping, Director from Allsop.

Lynsey is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD with over 17 years’ experience in Human Resource Management. Lynsey has extensive experience in working with a diverse range of clients across the public, private and not for profit sectors.

Ian has over 20 years of experience in delivering cutting edge software projects to a wide range of companies. Working closely with Allsop’s clients he has seen the vast business improvements in productivity and efficiency that introducing automation can achieve.

About HeadsTogether

HeadsTogether is a team of experienced and expert Human Resources professionals. We help employers to plan and manage their staffing more effectively, making real improvements in their organisations’ performance.

We provide specialist consultancy services to a wide range of clients in the public, private and not for profit sectors, as well as outsourced HR support to smaller organisations. Our dedicated training division, TrainTogether, delivers workplace training that’s firmly rooted in our up to the minute consulting experience.

If you want to find out more about any of the topics covered in the webinar, you can drop us a message here

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