Webinar Recording: Driving Agile & Instant Business Forecasting During Volatile Conditions

Access the webinar recording presented by our partner valQ - Driving Agile and Instant Business Forecasting During Volatile Conditions.

Partner Webinar:
Driving Agile & Instant Business Forecasting during Volatile Conditions using Microsoft Power BI 
The Webinar Covers: 
  • Creating new forecast models from data in seconds – not days or weeks
  • Instant and Live adjustments to financial and operational forecasts
  • Contribution analysis, to instantly review key changes impacting outcomes
  • Create new scenarios in a second, without having to manually replicate data or models
  • Compare multiple scenarios
  • Perform sensitivity & variance analysis
  • … and more
About the speaker:

Gopal Krishnamurthy is the founder and CEO of Visual BI Solutions. He is focused on growing Visual BI into one of the largest niche BI solutions firms and is passionate about driving BI Adoption at all levels in enterprises. He is a BI thought leader and evangelist, driving BI strategies that maximize ROI of Microsoft and SAP BI investments and result in higher adoption of BI and Analytics rollouts. He has worked with C-Level Executives at firms of all sizes and has successfully delivered countless executive dashboard programs with solid EDW foundations that provide timely, actionable information and forward-looking alerts.

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