Utilising NFC in Mobile Workforce Management

Discover how we are able to support our customers to utilise Near Field Communication (NFC) technology within our Mobile Workforce Management Solution.

NFC or Near Field Communication is a method of wireless data transfer. It enables technology in close proximity to communicate without the need for an internet connection.

One of the most common uses for NFC is Android Pay or Apple Pay. This means payments can be made with just a tap of your smartphone.

NFC tags are the smart chips that allow for digitised information to be transferred. They can be placed virtually anywhere and do not require a power source. The possibilities for using these tags are endless. They have even been ‘toughened’ up to be used on outdoor machinery.

One example of the ways we have used NFC technology to help a customer is to build a mobile clock in and clock out solution.

Step 1: A supervisor uses an NFC-enabled smartphone and the workers place their NFC card against the device to validate their start time.

Step 2: Custom safety checks are carried out to ensure safety standards are met. This step is fully customisable. It can be adapted to suit your business needs to ensure you are meeting the Health and Safety regulations within your industry.

Step 3: The supervisor scans the employee’s NFC cards at the end of the day and confirms the end of their shift.

The result: An accurate record of the clock in and clock out times for all employees both in the field and fed back to the office in real time. This eradicates the need for data re-entry and ensures that payroll is completed accurately.

This is just one of the bespoke features we have developed on the GeoPal platform. Find out about our custom delivery planner here.


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