To analyse the cost of relying on paper processes within your business involves more than just the purchase of paper. Many studies have looked the impact of paper document use. Including storage and processing to try and get a true understanding of the time and money spent on paper processes.

Check out our infographic below for some of the top statistics.

The True Cost of Paper – Key Statistics
  • 15%  of an organisation’s revenues are spent creating, managing and distributing documents.
  • 5 times is the average number of times a document is printed. Impacting your carbon footprint and costing your business money.
  • 57% of office workers spend an hour a day looking for missing paper documents, resulting in 5 hours per week of unproductive time.
  • 7.5% is the estimated amount of paper documents that are completely lost.
  • 20 minutes is the average time spent dealing with a customer enquiry about an invoice when relying on paper based processes.

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Claire Carson

Claire Carson

Claire has been with Allsop since 2015. Working in the team as the Marketing Manager, responsible for the marketing of the Allsop brand and our wide range of solutions.

Outside of work, Claire likes to keep active and rewards this with plenty of trips to her favourite restaurants.

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