Top Tech Christmas Presents 2018

Need a little inspiration for a Christmas gift for the tech lover in your life?

Look no further, we’ve created a quick round-up of our top five tech festive picks, that are sure to put a smile on any gadget lovers face this Christmas morning.

Image Source: Amazon
iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

Perfect for the shower karaoke king or queen in your life. This shower speaker connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet allowing you to play all your favourite playlists. The battery boasts 10 hours of playing time and is fully recharged in under 3 hours.

Not only is this perfect for the shower, but its compact size and the fact it is waterproof (obviously), means you can easily throw it in your suitcase to provide some poolside songs for your summer holiday.

Available from Amazon.

Image Source: STK
STK fuel+ 5K Power Bank 

The majority of us rely heavily on our smartphones for work emails, calls and of course sharing funny memes. This, however, generally means that our battery drains pretty quickly. Which is not ideal when you are out and about.

A handy solution for this is a power bank. Although there are many power banks available, this seems to be one of the best. It has enough power to fully charge most smartphones once, if not twice. It also has two USB ports, meaning you can help a friend out or charge your personal and work phone simultaneously. It also has an LED power indicator alerting you to the remaining charge.

Available from STK.

Image Source: Amazon
Tile Mate 

For your partner or friend who is forever forgetting their keys. Never get roped into helping them to search the house for keys again.

With the Tile Mate, the stylish Tile keyring can be attached to a set of keys and then they simply have to download the app on their smartphone. Then if/when the keys are misplaced their smartphone can be used to make the Tile Mate ring. On the other hand, if it is their phone that is lost then they just have to double press the button on the tile to make their smartphone ring, even when it is on silent.

Available from Tile Mate.

Image Source: Amazon
iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

And to think I was impressed with a cordless dyson. Although it is still a hoover, which is a very practical Christmas gift, it is still pretty cool.

The iRobot vacuums up almost anything and has technology built in to ensure it doesn’t fall down the stairs. But better than that you can control or schedule it from an app on your smartphone, meaning you can get your household chores done even when you aren’t even there.

Available from Amazon.

Image Source:Furbo
Furbo Dog Camera 

For your dog crazy friend, reduce their separation anxiety from their fur baby with the Furbo Dog Camera. The Furbo allows them to see, talk and give treats to their dog, even when they aren’t at home!

Furbo is a two-way camera that allows them to see and hear what is going on at home via their smartphone. They can also talk to their dog, to stop bad behaviour or calm them if they are anxious.

Available from Furbo.

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