3 Employee Experiences that can be Improved with HR Tech

Introducing technology into your HR department is moving up the business agenda. The digital solutions that are available can alleviate the admin burden on your HR team allowing them to focus less on processes and more on people. With people being the most important asset in any company, this blog highlights three key areas where the employee experience can be improved with the introduction of digital technologies.

The Recruitment Process 

Currently, we are operating in a candidate marketplace, where demand for employees outstrips supply. In light of this now more than ever it is important that you make it as easy and accessible to apply for the vacant roles in your company.

HR technology can support this by ensuring that online applications are as simple as uploading a CV.

Or why not offer an even more accessible experience and allow candidates to apply by voice. Our HR solution uses the latest voice technology to allow initial applications to be managed via a chatbot. Suddenly applying for your company becomes as easy as asking Alexa what the weather is like.

Following on from this, using a digital solution to sieve candidates’ applications allows for automated emails to be set up. This means that candidates are contacted promptly regarding their progression in the application process. By automating these updates, you save your recruitment team time whilst still ensuring effective communication with your candidates.


Getting your onboarding right is crucial, it builds a good first and hopefully lasting impression of what working in your company is like.

Great onboarding is thought to dramatically improve staff retention by as much as 82%. Although it is recognised as important it is still overlooked in some companies, a recent Gallup survey found that 88% of employees surveyed didn’t believe their organisation did a great job of employee onboarding.

When it comes to delivering a great employee onboarding experience one of the most difficult elements is coordinating all the departments in your business that need to be involved.  This is where we can help, our digital HR solution allows you to create a central environment for collaboration, ensuring every department is aware of new employees and the designated tasks they need to complete. For example, this is could be the IT department ordering a laptop and setting up access to software packages or ensuring Payroll has all the correct banking details and the new employee is added to the next pay run.

Other ways you can streamline your onboarding is by introducing a pre-boarding phase, setting up automated emails that can send forms to your new employees before they start to get all the boring paperwork out of the way before the first day. This can also be used as an opportunity for you to share information about your company culture and reassure your new start that they have made the right choice in joining your company.

Want to learn more about onboarding? check out our webinar with HeadsTogether – Effective Employee Onboarding – Top Tips

Training and Development

Training and personal development is vital in all roles and can help towards employee retention.

Many HR solutions offer digital training plans, this ensures there is a record of initial training completed, as well as offering you the opportunity to set up reminders to make sure upcoming training isn’t forgotten.

Training and development plans can naturally follow on from onboarding, as the onboarding process can last up to three months. These may include planned check-ins and one to one meetings to ensure your employee is settling in, has all the tools to be productive in their role and can communicate any additional training needs that may be required. These can easily be managed and recorded within our digital solution, with automated reminders to prompt managers to arrange these meetings.

These are just a few of the areas that can be improved with HR tech. Employee experience remains high on the business agenda as we continue to work in a hybrid environment, if you would like to discuss how technology can support improving your employee experience, drop us a message or call us on 028 9018 3250.

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