Team Allsop Sponsors Team Larne

Team Allsop are delighted to be entering a three-year sponsorship deal with Larne Swimming Club.

Larne Swimming Club is the only professional swimming club in County Antrim. Larne is a highly successful club, with the fastest female in Irish history, Danielle Hill swimming in the club and most recently competing in the Commonwealth Games in Australia. The club also has two swimmers in the Irish Performance squad, which is made up of just twelve swimmers selected from the whole of Ireland.

There is a strong family connection for Allsop with Larne Swimming Club. Trevor’s granddaughter is currently an active member of the club and Trevor consequently is an active supporter of the club.

We have been impressed by the commitment of the coaches and officials of the Larne club to the club swimmers. The sponsorship deal has been put in place to assist the club to encourage children from an early age to learn to swim. As they grow older they will be able to participate in a sport which requires individual commitment but also promotes the concept of being part of a team. Values that will build a strong foundation for their future and that are demonstrated throughout the Allsop team.

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