The Solutions we use to increase Productivity and Efficiency

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Read about the different ways that we use the software solutions we provide in our day to day office life to improve productivity and efficiency.

Here at Allsop, we like to practice what we preach. So, we thought we would tell you a bit about the different ways that we use the software solutions we provide in our day to day office life. We use a range of our own solutions to enable us to improve both productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft Apps

We make use of the all the usual Microsoft apps that we all know and love. As well as taking full advantage of OneDrive. This ensures that all our documents are backed up in the cloud and available from anywhere. Using SharePoint also helps to cut down on unproductive time. No more searching for documents in emails, as all important documents are stored in one central area for easy access for everyone. Office 365 also means we have access to all the Microsoft apps from anywhere and at any time.

We have also recently started to use Microsoft Teams, which is a relatively new offering from Microsoft. Microsoft Teams is a chat based workspace. On Microsoft Teams you can upload documents for collaboration, share news and events internally and of course work related GIFs. Teams offers the ability to create separate channels. This is used by the different departments to communicate and share ideas or interesting articles or blog posts.  Teams also includes a one to one chat facility used mainly to organise where you are going for lunch. 😉


Mobile Solution

Our mobile solution has a million and one uses. Here at Allsop, we use it as an easier way to request our holidays. How it works – you simply fill in an absence request form on your mobile. Popping in the dates you want off, your reason for absence and your signature, this gets sent to your manager and you receive an email once it has been approved. Streamlining the whole processes.

We have also used our mobile solution as a handy data capture tool when attending trade shows and events. Used to scan QR codes to gather details or simply by entering details on the device. This saves a lot of time as data re-entry is completely eradicated with all information sent to the web application automatically. Ready and waiting for you coming back to the office.


We use the WorkflowMax solution to record and manage all projects. WorkflowMax provides an easy way for us to keep track of our workload and see the progression we are making. WorkflowMax also includes a timesheet functionality. Allowing accurate times to be placed against jobs and tasks.  Timesheets can additionally be completed on the mobile app making it easy to track and manage your time even when you are not in the office. WorkflowMax integrates with our accounting system and therefore streamlines the process of issuing invoices, ensuring they are both accurate and timely.

This post provides an overview of just some of the technologies that we have introduced to help us to increase productivity and efficiency in the office. To find out how we could support your business drop us a message or give us a call on 028 9018 3250.

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