Six Signs it is time to Invest in Custom Software Development

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Discover the six signs indicating that your business should consider investing in custom software development to enable your team to increase effectiveness.

As your business grows there comes a point where the technology that you are relying on can no longer handle what you need it to do. At this stage, you may, therefore be considering the different options available. The first big decision is whether to go for an off the shelf software product. Or to invest in a custom developed software solution. Read our six signs that you should consider investing in custom software development and see if they are applicable to your business.

Your Current Software has Limitations

Initially, an off the shelf solution may have been ideal for your business. But as your business has developed you realise that there is functionality that is missing or your software simply cannot handle the increasing workload.


Your Business Processes have Changed

Business processes evolve and change naturally over time and as your business grows. This could be due to a change in your customer base, your product offering. Or perhaps you now see a more efficient way to get things done and recognise an opportunity to automate certain tasks within your business. Custom solutions offer the ability to automate certain parts of your business to a level that simply wouldn’t be achieved with an off the shelf product.


You need Improved Integrations with your Current Systems

Working with several different systems that don’t talk to each other can cause a decrease in staff efficiency and waste a significant amount of your employee’s time. This is because your staff often have to carry out data re-entry to ensure each system is up to date. Or have to access a range of different systems to gather data just to generate a report. Custom solutions are developed so that they seamlessly integrate with the business systems that you currently use.

You need Improved Reporting and Analytics

Having central access to reliable data allows for data-driven management decisions. Custom solutions can include the development of interactive dashboards. These dashboards show vital data to your employees at the touch of a button. Custom reports can also be set up and shared automatically.

You need a more Intuitive Solution

Although your current software may still have the functionality that your business requires. It may be that it is too difficult for your staff to use and you, therefore, are not able to reap the full benefits. Having software that is difficult to use can demotivate your staff. Custom solutions are built based on your business processes and therefore are easy for your staff to get to grips with.

You need to establish a Competitive Edge

Custom software can be utilised to put yourself ahead of your competitors. Whether this is using custom software to improve overall efficiency and therefore reduce operating costs which can be reflected in your pricing. Or to enable you to provide an improved customer experience.

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