Problems with using Paper to Manage your Mobile Workers

In today’s business environment, organisations are under constant pressure to seek new ways to operate more efficiently. One area where companies may find this most difficult is managing their mobile workforce. By relying on a paper-based process managers have no insight into where their field workers are; what job they are carrying out or to what standard the work is being completed.

There are many possible issues and problems that can arise as a result of relying on paper-based processes to manage your mobile workforce and this blog post covers just a few of these.

Paper and Printing Costs

Costs can quickly mount up when you consider that every job requires at least one paper job form. Not only do you need to factor in the purchase of paper, but also printing contracts, ink, and additional stationery that may be required.

You also need to consider the admin staff that you employ to manage and collate the data that is collected on these paper job forms.

Chasing Paper Trails

When you are using paper job forms, mobile workers have to collect these from the office before they start jobs and then drive back to the office to return job forms. This can result in considerable travel time and decrease productivity throughout your mobile team. Another consideration is the number of paper job forms that are lost on work sites or in vans. Work forms can also be damaged to the point that they are illegible by the time they get back to the office. Not having receiving timely information regarding work completed can be frustrating for your office staff and can slow down your invoicing process.

The Reputation of your Company

Although it may be difficult to quantify this one, your customers increasingly expect exceptional service. A mobile workforce management solution helps you to deliver this. By having all information on a customer’s job on a central solution, your staff has the knowledge to resolve any queries at the click of a mouse. This dramatically decreases the time spent on resolving customer issues compared with relying on a paper-based system.

Compliance Issues 

Written Health and Safety forms and compliance documents can be easily ignored and forgotten. Digitising these documents with a mobile workforce management solution means that safety checks become mandatory before a worker starts a job. Unlike with a paper form, this information is sent back automatically to head office and can alert managers of any problems that have arisen which could disrupt the progress of a job.

Storage Problems 

Storing all the paperwork collected from each job takes up a considerable amount of office space, as well as a considerable amount of admin’s time to manage and file the work forms.

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