3 Steps to Make Your HR Department Digital Ready

In 2022 the definition of a workplace is somewhat different to just 2 years ago and it won’t change in the near future. The main difference is the possibility of employees to work from anywhere at anytime. Therefore, it is unquestionable that companies must adapt to the new way of working.

However, when it comes to the Digital Transformation of workplaces, one factor remains the same – people are at the heart of these changes. As the connector between employees and your company is the HR Department, the most important question arises – is your HR ready to take the lead in this new reality?

Deloitte research showed an astonishing 56% of HR leaders are being pushed to take on a larger role in driving their organisations toward Digital Transformation. Therefore, we have identified three steps for your business to create a safe environment and make your HR Department digital-ready.

1. Get everyone on board.

Creating a safe and seamless Digital Transformation requires HR and IT teams close collaboration. Teamwork between these two departments will help create an efficient and productive communication model that generates Digital Transformation success.

It may be nearly impossible to engage all members of these two teams in the digital changes. Therefore, identify a group of professionals within these departments that will strategise, create and follow the developments of the Digital Transformation. Besides, include various personnel in the process so that stakeholders, employees and everyone in between could play a part in this organisational change.

2. Transform the onboarding process.

Digital Transformation requires an organisation-wide culture change. If your current employees accept and adapt to the new work approach, make sure to improve the hiring process so that newcomers form new transformational behaviour from day one. How can you implement it?

Create a digital experience and inspire new hires by conducting online interviews, onboarding, orientation etc., being open about transformational changes and showcasing companies’ perspectives on the digital future.

In the video, you can find out how we automated the onboarding process from the recruitment stage so that our employees are aware of digitalisation long before their first day at Allsop.

3. Automate HR Processes.

It is understood that employees are getting used to remote work, new mobile applications and other digital trends your workplace brought in. However, many processes in the HR Department are still completed manually.

According to an EY survey, HR professionals spend about 86% of their time on admin work. Therefore, identifying tedious and repetitive work is the first step in Digital Transformation and rejuvenating your HR professionals.

Any HR employee can point out processes they wish could be improved and may be automated. Hence, with the help of IT, your company might want to consider HR digitisation tools to improve processes and reduce data entry errors.

With Allsop HR Automation Solution, your HR Department will confidently forget about manual admin work and will be able to utilise their spare time on improving employee engagement.


In 2023 companies will continue digitalising their workplaces meaning you either need to accept the change or see how your employees leave for more exciting opportunities on the market.

Therefore, if you want to understand and improve your processes, book a call with us to receive a free-of-charge processes audit ?

From this exercise, you will receive:

✓ Full overview of your processes

✓ Identified areas of improvement

✓ Possible ROI after automating tedious tasks

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