Interactive Job Scheduling Solution

Bradley’s have introduced a large touch screen job scheduler for their employees in their workshop. The screen displays a custom-built web application detailing their PSV checks, 8 week checks, vehicle defects and breakdowns. This solution will replace a manual process, where Bradley’s used paper work forms and whiteboards detailing work that needed to be completed.

Employees from the workshop can take a proactive approach to their work scheduling and can assign themselves the jobs that they are going to complete via the touch screen. The jobs are then automatically fed through to their smart phone via a mobile app. The workflow is completed on the mobile and updated on the web application.

The staff can also request parts through the app on their smartphone. The request is then sent to the workshop manager to approve and order the parts. A request is achieved by completing a customised workflow. Which details aspects such as the part, the vehicle, the supplier and the urgency with which it is required. Staff can monitor the status of these requested parts and this is updated once the part has arrived.

For Bradley employees, it allows complete visibility of all the work that needs to be completed. As well as an easier way for them to ensure that all work completed is recorded. As there is no risk of lost or damaged paper worksheets.

For management at Bradley’s they now have a bird’s eye view of all the work that needs to be completed, work that is assigned, work that is in progress and work that is completed. This makes it much easier for Bradley’s to manage their staff and schedule any additional repair or maintenance jobs. As jobs are assigned to individual employees, any issues or follow up questions can be easily resolved and accountability is improved. The web solution also creates a central area for all information that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and from any device.

This is just one of the projects we have been working on with Bradley and Company and we are excited to continue our work with this excellent company.

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