Intelligent Pricing – Quick Quote App

The short video above runs through a simple demo of our Quick Quote app.

The video details the ease of which a sales rep can create a quote while out and about talking to customers. The mobile app empowers your sales rep with the most up to date pricing as well as being able to correctly calculate the product price based on any pre-determined customer, contract, channel or partner pricing.

Pricing is what stands between you and your customer and therefore it is crucial that you get it right. Sales reps are under immense pressure to settle on a price that firstly keeps your customer happy, but that also ensures you are maintaining an adequate profit margin. Many companies struggle with managing this process and this is why we developed the Quick Quote app to overcome some of these issues with a simple and easy to use mobile solution.

Pricing is typically viewed as a difficult and often error-prone stage of the sales cycle and as a result, McKinsey reveals that fewer than 15% of companies complete systematic research on their pricing. Even if initial pricing research is completed, sales reps can still be found selling at the incorrect price as price lists are unmanaged and lost in a sea of PDFs, word documents and out of date spreadsheets. The risk here is obvious, selling from an out of date price list is going to have an impact on your company’s bottom line. Maintaining price discipline becomes even more difficult when you start to consider contract, channel and partner pricing. Not to mention volume discounts and pre-arranged terms with particular customers that your sales rep may not even be aware of.

Although it’s not all bad news, McKinsey research revealed that a price improvement by as little as 1% could equate to an 11% increase in operating profit. This means that by introducing a simple software solution to manage the tricky pricing process, you can ensure price discipline, supporting business growth and development.

This is just one example of the pricing solutions that we develop. To find out more about our pricing solutions and how it would work for your business? Give us a call on 028 9018 3250 or drop us a message.

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