Three Ways to Improve Hybrid Work

One of the main trends of 2022 is hybrid work. Most of the companies are preparing their businesses to move their staff online permanently whilst others consider keeping things part-time.

Whichever the case, there are a few issues when it comes to switching to an online model of work:

  1. Outdated technology
  2. Employee collaboration
  3. Inaccuracy of data collection

A majority of workers (83%) prefer a hybrid work model, but a variety of factors influence their ability to thrive, whether they’re onsite or off. – Accenture

However, there are many ways to overcome the mentioned issues above and create a high performing team of professionals in your company.

Issue 1. Outdated technology

When businesses moved online, the vast majority of employees were left with the same workflow to complete at home. The main issue arose when companies realised not everyone has the same technology at home to successfully cover their tasks. Therefore, if your business is considering working from home permanently, make sure to provide the latest technology to your teams. This way their performance will stay on the same level as in the office.

Issue 2. Employee collaboration

The next problem that you might find while working online is employee engagement with one another. Although for many the comfort of their own home helps to open up with colleagues, some might still feel isolated. To ensure your team is able to continue working together, you need to provide access to cloud-connected tools for collaborative work. On a personal level, you can create weekly team meetings to share stories and hobbies outside of work.

Issue 3. Inaccuracy of data collection

To move your company online in 2022 is not rocket science. You need a great piece of technology, a motivated team, and a data collection solution to keep your information relevant. If the first two aspects we have already covered in this article, data management is something that many companies are least considering when moving their employees out of the site.

At Allsop, we designed a bespoke data management automation solution that ensures data accuracy and makes your staff’s job easier. The software integrates with your current systems. It also includes team collaboration, data security and allows employees to sign off all documents digitally.

If your business is considering hybrid or online working models in 2022, make sure to solve the mentioned issues to keep performance at the highest level!

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