How to use Mobile Technology to Improve Customer Service

The short video shows how mobile technology has allowed Brakes to improve the level of customer service they are able to offer to their customers.

Today Brakes have removed the inefficient manner of relying on phoning drivers while they are out on the road. To having real-time visibility of their location and the delivery they are fulfilling. Thus being able to give their customers accurate delivery times and explanations for any delays or disruptions.

“Our business has, and always will have excellent customer service at the forefront of any operations we carry out. Through using the Allsop solution, we can now do this cheaper, faster and more efficiently.” – Alan Waite, Managing Director, Brakes Ireland.

The video shows the web interface that the Brakes office staff see. Where they can instantly check the progress of each delivery round, the location of drivers and the delivery they are fulfilling. This has been achieved by each driver using an easy to use mobile application which provides real-time data updates to Brakes office staff.

Before Adopting the Solution

Prior to adopting the solution, if a customer rang Brakes, the office staff would then have to contact the driver to find out where they were and what delivery they were currently working on.  The driver would be unable to take the call until they reached their next delivery location, which could be 5 minutes away or 50 minutes away. This meant that there was a delay in the Brakes’ personnel being able to provide an accurate delivery time to their customer. By having visibility of their workers this has been eradicated and has allowed Brakes to deliver a higher level of customer service more efficiently than ever before.

The Solution

Brakes delivery drivers now carry a smartphone with the Allsop Mobile app, all data captured on the app is fed back to the web application used in Brake’s office in real-time. Brake’s office staff can view and manage this data to locate drivers, view the actual routes which they have taken, view and manage assets such as cages and create reports. This level of visibility has led to many different benefits including a more efficient way for Brakes to deliver the high level of customer service that their customers have come to expect.

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