How to Determine If You’re More Suited to Either Front-End or Back-End Development

What technologies should I work with? A question that I remember asking myself when it came to take the first step into a career in IT. If you have an idea of what makes you tick and what your preferences are, then you’re already setting yourself in a good position to make that choice. Of course, having exposure to particular aspects of the development process will probably give you the best insight for this.

  • For design-driven people, think of the web-based/client-end technologies. From HTML/CSS and JavaScript, you’ll have a good foundation when it comes to moving into JavaScript technologies. In Allsop, we work with the latest version of Angular.
  • If you feel more inclined to work solely on logic behind applications, then delve into the back-end technology you’d see commonly used in the industry. Our back-end work is focused around C# and .NET Core. Switching from .NET to .NET Core helped us to optimise projects and deliver quicker solutions.

Our solutions are cloud-based, meaning that we are able to deliver quality scalable solutions. Seeing as I mentioned us working with C#/.NET Core, it’s no surprise that we deliver our cloud-based solutions using Azure.

Before I started in Allsop, my initial idea for a career in software development was orientated around back-end technologies. This mostly coming from the fact that I hadn’t had that much exposure to Front-End technologies (particularly in real-life examples). However, when I joined the team in October 2017, I was surprised how quickly I was able to take to Mobile/Front-End development – so much so that I was able to throw myself into projects that ultimately led to the likes of awards for our customers and personal award shortlistings.

We’re always looking for more people who love developing software as much as we do, have a look at our careers page to see how we can work together!


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