Frylite Prepare for Cashless Payments in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

In response to the rapidly changing business landscape, we have been working closely with our customer Frylite, to help them to investigate the best possible way to enable their business to move to a cashless model.

With both customer and employee safety at the forefront, Frylite is committed to being able to offer their first-class service in a way that minimises risk and follows the necessary guidelines. One area they are keen to focus on is removing cash transactions, as it is feared that cash may be a carrier of Coronavirus. Frylite is focused on making this change and any improvement that they can in order to reduce the spread of disease but also ensure that both customers and staff feel more comfortable and protected as we navigate this ‘new norm.’

We are delighted to continue our strong working relationship with Frylite on this project. Frylite is an innovative company and the push to a cashless model only highlights their immense flexibility and ability to react to the changing trading situation that Coronavirus is creating.

 ‘Frylite is Ireland’s leading supplier of fresh cooking oil and collector of waste oil. With a reputation that has been built on exceptional quality products and service, they have an unbeatable wealth of knowledge and expertise of the food service sector throughout Ireland. At Frylite, they provide the complete oil management system with a ground-breaking all in one oil supply and waste collection service.’

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