Digital Transformation – 3 Reasons Why You Need It

Digital Transformation is a topic many businesses use. However, not many understand or see the real need for it. In this article, we will share 3 main reasons why we believe any business should consider some form of digitalisation in the current market. Therefore, let’s start with identifying what is Digital Transformation and how we understand it.

What is Digital Transformation?

At Allsop, we understand Digital Transformation as the process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing, business processes, culture and customer experiences, to meet changing business and market requirements.

It is a “reimagining of business in the digital age”.

Put simply, it is about looking at what we want to do or are currently doing and seeking to improve that experience using digital technology.

And this is also the why – “seeking to improve”.

You should not do Digital Transformation just because you think you need to appear modern or because someone else is doing it, and you need to stay competitive. These can be valid reasons, but the primary goal of any Digital Transformation project should be to improve – whether that be your processes, your customers, or our planet.

Let’s check these examples that are commonplace for most people nowadays:

eCommerce – allowing buyers to browse and shop items any time, from anywhere
Online banking – from day-to-day banking to applying for loans and mortgages, all without stepping foot in a branch
Streaming services – be it music, TV shows or movies – are all instant and available for rental or purchase

These industries have all been disrupted by digital transformation, and yet all the results provide clear improvements for customers; allowing them to get what they need from the comfort of their homes, by providing more choice, or lower-cost offerings than traditional methods.

However, many organisations have tried to pivot their processes to follow these trends, and have failed. The global management consulting firm BCG found that 70% of all digital transformations either fail or don’t manage to reach all of their intended goals (1).

Now, that in itself might be enough to put anyone off trying, as the odds are stacked against you from the start. However, by keeping focused on the primary goal of “seeking to improve”, and watching out for some common mistakes, we can be sure that failure is avoided.

Therefore, these are 3 reasons to consider Digital Transformation:

  1. Empower your employees
  2. Engage your customers
  3. Leverage your competitive advantage

Empower your employees.

UK job vacancies are at an all-time high. Almost 1.3 million positions are open and available on the market today (2). Therefore, many companies are struggling to attract candidates to their vacancies. However, if your business implements Digital Transformation, these statistics won’t worry you. With digitalisation, you can automate all manual and tedious processes, leaving your team to focus on high-valuable tasks. On top of it, it will improve employee satisfaction and provide a healthier work environment.

For example, one of our customers, Frylite, recently improved its delivery processes with automation. Now, each driver saves 1 hour a day, which provides a better work schedule and a higher job satisfaction rate.

Engage your customers.

Did you know that 50% of consumers will switch to a competitor after 1 bad experience with your company (3)?

With the growing competition in any market, the main goal of any company is to keep their customers satisfied not only with products but also with customer service. However, if your Customer Care team is occupied with manually keying orders the full week, they have no time to check on your customers.

At Allsop, we decided to implement an Order Automation solution with an Order Parsing feature. The main idea behind these projects is that the customer service teams, after receiving an order email from one of the clients, can forward it over to the Allsop platform instead of manually keying the data. You can learn what is Order Parsing in our blog post here.

Leverage your competitive advantage.

Gartner asserts that 56% of CEOs say digital improvements have led to increased revenue (4). Therefore, by empowering your employees and improving customer satisfaction rates with automation, you can also leverage your competitive advantage. Now, it will take time to see these results as Digital Transformation is a lengthy process. However, by identifying clear goals and dividing the project into achievable milestones, your company’s digitalisation journey will be a success.

All these examples show how Digital Transformation can improve your business and existing processes. As well as make your company desirable on the market by bringing value to the customers and improving job satisfaction for your employees.

Still thinking if Digital Transformation is the right fit for you? Jump on a short free call with us to see how you can Digitally Transform your business.

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