There are many myths surrounding custom software development, but here are just a few that we don’t necessarily agree with.

It is a more expensive option 

Typically custom solutions are associated with a high price tag. This, however, is not always the case. Custom solutions can actually work out cheaper than an off the shelf solution. This is because, with a custom solution, you only pay for the features that you actually need. A carefully scoped out project, therefore, can be a more cost-effective solution as you are not paying for additional features that you will never make use of. Custom solutions can also actually save you money from an efficiency point of view in the longer term.

You are offered little or no support

Many people worry that once their solution has been developed they will be provided with little or no technical support. This, however, is not normally the case. With most reputable software companies a support contract is drawn up, this details the level of support that will be provided for the solution.

Working with us, for example, once your solution has been implemented we offer fully flexible support to suit the days and hours that your business operates, not ours.

It takes a long time for development 

Ok, lifting a solution out of a box may be quicker. But if you really do need a custom developed solution it will be worth the wait. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, you may, however, be surprised how quickly a good team of developers can have you up and running with your custom solution.

Once the software is released, the project is over 

Once your software is implemented into your business, your users should be able to provide feedback which can be introduced if necessary into the solution. The nature of custom developed software also means that your solution has the ability to grow and develop as your business does. So features that may not have been required originally can seamlessly be introduced.

You are tied to the software company who built your solution

Any reputable software company should be using the best practices and modern development languages to ensure that the software can be maintained and developed further by another team of developers if you choose to change suppliers or bring the development in-house.

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Claire Carson

Claire Carson

Claire has been with Allsop since 2015. Working in the team as the Marketing Manager, responsible for the marketing of the Allsop brand and our wide range of solutions.

Outside of work, Claire likes to keep active and rewards this with plenty of trips to her favourite restaurants.

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