Covid-19 Remote Health Check Solution

We have been asked to address the employer’s duty of care to employees and customers in the midst of this pandemic and hence we have developed our Covid-19 Remote Health Check Solution.  The solution delivers in a number of areas to demonstrate accountability to both your staff and customers.

Key Benefits of Remote Health Check Solution:

  • Accountability to your staff, ensure a safe working environment for your team.
  • Reduce the risk of further transmission, a remote health check means no symptomatic employees arrive at your work.
  • Provide streamlined symptoms checker with no queues at your workplace.
  • Arm your team with the data to manage staff absenteeism with staff availability at a glance via an integrated BI dashboard.
  • Collect and store a secure, digital record of any reported cases or symptoms which can be utilised for contact tracing.
  • Demonstrate responsibility to your customers and suppliers to ensure your workplace is Covid-19 secure.

The video below is a high-level overview of a Covid-19 Health Check in operation.

The Brief

Employees need to be free from Covid-19 symptoms before reporting for work. This must be conducted before the employee attends the workplace so as to limit the chance of them further spreading the virus.

The Solution

An Intelligent SMS relay developed on the Power Automate platform and integrated with Power BI to provide a  central dashboard for insights and analysis.

How it Works

Your employees receive a text or WhatsApp message prior to starting their shift. The message asks if they have any of the main Coronavirus symptoms. If the employee responds ‘no’ no action is taken. If they respond ‘yes’ then a second automated message is received by the employee to contact the appropriate manager and they are told not to attend work. The ‘yes’ response also triggers an email notification to advise managers which employees are symptomatic. All other responses are analysed, and the appropriate action is taken to ensure staff safety and well-being. All responses are collated in a central BI dashboard meaning staff availability is accessible to the team at a glance. The insight the dashboard provides means operations can see immediately if there any staff shortages prior to a shift beginning and can make changes where required.

Image: Power BI Dashboard – see staff availability at a glance. 

This is just one example of how an automated SMS system can be deployed, the solution is customisable and can be developed further to include such things as additional absence leave requests or advanced functionality that your business may require. The solution could also be utilised for external visitors such as contractors to ensure that you can keep your premises Covid-19 free.

To find out more drop us a message or call us on 028 90183250. 

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