Budgeted vs Actual Sales Video Demo

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Phone showing the Budgeted vs Actual Sales Power BI Dashboard

Watch the short video demo of a Microsoft Power BI business dashboard that has been developed to display Budgeted vs Actual Sales figures for a food corporation.

The below video demonstrates a quick overview of our Budgeted vs Actual Sales dashboard. The dashboard was developed using Microsoft Power BI to provide a solution that modelled daily actual sales against a food company’s budgeted sales. The video shows how the dashboard provides both a high-level overview and more detailed product view, meaning that multiple users can benefit from the one report.

The video also demonstrates Power BI’s comment functionality. This highlights the ease at which two users can collaborate on reports remotely and shows how insight can be turned into action.

You can also view the Budgeted vs Actual Sales Dashboard as an interactive demo.

If you are interested in understanding how a Business Dashboard could benefit your business, drop us a message or give us a call on 028 9018 3250. 

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