Benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service known as SaaS is a relatively common way for software to be delivered. SaaS is generally when applications are hosted in the cloud and accessed by the user via the internet. In comparison, traditional software is where the software programme is purchased and then has to be installed on computers within your business. Traditional software, therefore, generally incurs a large upfront fee as the software licences are bought outright. Whereas, Software as a Service works more like a rental. Paying a set amount each month for the use of the software. This is normally dependant on the number of employees that are using it.

Every business operates differently, but for many businesses, SaaS is a great way to use the most modern technology without incurring an expensive initial purchase. This blog explores five of the benefits of choosing to utilise the Software as a Service model within your business.

Lower Initial Costs

As you are not buying the software outright there is no large expenditure at the implementation stage. Some SaaS may incur a small set up fee but this is still likely to be much lower than the price of paying for traditional, on-premise software. As mentioned, SaaS offers more flexible monthly payment terms, which are more easily managed and can be a great help for your business’ cash flow.

Quick Setup and Deployment 

Setup tends to be minimal as no software is installed on your devices. This ensures that your employees are able to utilise the new software quickly and the company will soon be able to reap the anticipated benefits.


As SaaS applications are typically delivered via the internet, employees can access them from anywhere, at any time and on any device with an internet connection. This also helps to support the increasing trend of more flexible working schedules.


With the less rigid payment and subscription model of SaaS, it is easy for you to add more users and additional functionality as your business expands and develops.

Software Updates 

Software updates are managed by your software provider, they will be deployed centrally removing the responsibility and workload from you. Many subscriptions also include support for your application, reducing the strain further on your internal IT resources.


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