Top Six Benefits of Sales Order Automation

The way your business processes customers’ orders directly affect your order to the payment process. Relying on a manual process could put you at risk of delivering poor customer service and impact your profitability. Here at Allsop, we have recently developed an order automation solution, taking your order directly from an email to your ERP and sent to the warehouse for order fulfilment, all without the need for data re-entry.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of process automation in the order department:

  1. Reduce Order Entry Time
  2. Reduce Errors
  3. Reduce Costs
  4. Engaged Staff
  5. Faster Order Fulfilment
  6. Improved Customer Service

Reduce Order Entry Time

One of the biggest roadblocks of getting your order processed is the amount of paperwork involved. Eliminate this by automating the order entry process, as soon as an order hits your email inbox, the order is verified and fed to your ERP for the warehouse to take over and fulfil. This reduces the time-intensive and dull task of data re-entry and reduces the pressure on your busy customer service team.

Reduce Errors

With human data processing, there is always a certain amount of errors that will occur. By introducing an order automation solution you reduce the opportunity for data errors, therefore, helping to ensure that your customer receives the correct delivery every time. 

Reduce Costs

As we all know, time is money and it takes time for orders to be manually processed. Automating this process eliminates this and frees up your customer service employees to do more important tasks.

Engaged Staff

By removing the need for data re-entry, you can give your staff the opportunity to do more rewarding tasks with added value. More engaged and happy employees are also more likely to provide a higher level of customer service.

Faster Order Fulfilment

With the reduced wait time for order entry and faster internal processing, your orders can be fulfilled in a much shorter timeframe. This also means that invoices can be generated sooner and your order to payment process is reduced, helping you to maintain positive cash flow.

Improved Customer Service

All of the above benefits result in your customer service team being able to offer an improved level of customer service. What customer wouldn’t want a fast and error-free order?


To find out more about how an Order Automation Solution could work for your business, arrange a demo or call us on 028 9018 3250.


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