Business Benefits of Cashless Payment

As debit card spend overtakes cash payment in the UK. Read the top benefits to your business of introducing a Cashless Payment Solution.

There is no doubt that we are getting closer and closer to a cashless society. No longer are cashless payments a luxury for businesses, but rather they have become a customer expectation. In line with this according to Marketing Week, debit card payments overtook cash payments as the most popular payment method in the UK. A full twelve months before this was predicted to happen.

In order to keep up with customer expectations, many businesses are introducing cashless payments. At Allsop, we offer a unique digital wallet solution. The web portal solution incorporates a cashless payment module, ensuring safe and secure cashless payment processing. There are many benefits that can be reaped from cashless payments but here are just a few:

Improve the Experience for your Customers 

Introducing a cashless payment solution ensures that you are responding to changing customer demands, by offering flexible payment options. Not only this but by operating on a cashless system, customers’ payments are processed quicker, which can dramatically reduce wait times and provide a more efficient service. Good service ensures that your customers will come back time and time again.

Save on Administration Time and Costs 

Switching to cashless eradicates the associated time and costs that are involved with the administration side of cash handling. Staff will no longer have to work past closing time to cash up. It also removes the stress and worry placed on your employees if tills are not balancing.

Marketing Opportunities 

With our cashless payment system, you are able to identify trends in spending across your business or facility. Analysing and using this data can allow you to offer your customers personal offers and more relevant marketing communications. As well as this, the increased visibility into spending habits can enable you to reward your most loyal customers.


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