The Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

The cloud is set to stay and has established itself as a business must have. Businesses both large and small are now reaping the many benefits of cloud computing. Cloud computing is all around us and you probably use it every day without even realising – had a look at your balance on your mobile banking app?  Or have you tweeted today? Yep, you’ve already used cloud computing and maybe even before you got out of bed.

Here are a few of our Top Benefits:

Cloud-based services can be easily scaled for growing companies or similarly scaled down if the services are no longer required.

Automatic Software Updates

Cloud applications tend to be updated more frequently. Also, as it is your supplier’s responsibility you don’t need to worry about maintaining the system and can leave this to them. Giving you more time to focus on more important areas of your business.


No hardware costs. Cloud software tends to be a subscription-based model. Which is kind to your business cash flow.

Increased Collaboration

Your teams can access, edit and share documents from anywhere and at any time. Working together effectively they can do more and do it more efficiently. With updates in real-time, management get full visibility of collaborations and the progress that is being made.

Work from Anywhere

When you’ve got an internet connection – you can be working. With most apps, you are also not restricted by a device. This means that as a business you can offer more flexible working perks. As many as 67% of people surveyed said that having flexible working conditions and hours would motivate them.

Document Control

The more employees that need to collaborate on documents, the greater the need for document control. Before switching to cloud computing collaboration on documents would typically include the back and forth emailing of documents. Soon enough you can end up with conflicting content, design and formatting as several versions of the document are created. With cloud computing documents are stored in one central area with easy access for everyone and one true copy of the document being created.


Lost or damaged laptops are expensive to replace but worse than that is the lost information if important data is stored on the device itself. Cloud computing gives an improved level of security for when this happens. As your data is now stored in the cloud you can still access the information, no matter what happens your laptop.

Competitive Edge

Cloud computing gives small businesses access to enterprise-class technology at a more affordable price. Using cloud computing can help in many ways including making your team more efficient to save on any overtime costs to improving the level of service you can offer your customers and therefore increasing brand loyalty.

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Flexible Working in 2017: 

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