In 2022 business leaders and directors invest in automation to improve workflow and reduce costs. However, statistics show that 37 percent of workers are concerned about losing their jobs as a result of digital transformation.

Therefore, many of our clients always ask us how can they ensure a safe change for employees and showcase the main benefits of digitalisation? Here are a few main aspects we always mention:

1. Reduce the costs

After a few unstable years in the UK and Ireland, many companies cannot return to a previous workforce number as it was before. However, with automation, you can not only help your personnel to improve their work but also reduce costs by digitalising repetitive tasks. You might wonder how it works?

When you automate processes, you increase productivity and profit. Errors are reduced through data entry automation as well, and that can help reduce overall costs in a significant way. Instead of having to worry about fines and fees associated with your expense reporting, you know that your information is accurate, and workers produce higher quality work. Check out Allsop HR Solution video to see how automation helps HR department to safe time and reduce costs.

2. Growing industries

Automation allows companies to boost their efficiency by improving time-consuming processes. For that reason, most of the businesses that consider automation experiencing growth and more likely will not lay off their employees in the nearest future. Moreover, new trends push businesses to adjust to a new digital reality, which leads to workflow automation and other company processes.

Alternately, not all industries consider automation as it doesn’t align with their goals or type of business. Therefore, when you think about digital transformation, make sure to automate with caution and actual need.

3. Efficient working

It goes without saying, automation is one of the key elements in improving repetitive tasks. For example, our clients save at least 1000 hours per year by reducing manual processes and have 99% data accuracy by automating data entry.

As a team, we understand your processes and hence deliver digital workflow solutions that make your business run smoothly exceeding customer expectations with lower costs delivering increased profits. To date, we have worked with a wide range of clients to deliver software solutions that are making working lives better across many departments.

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