Does Automation Equal Firing Your Employees?

Many companies, especially people who drive transformation, fear that the implementation of digital will cut their workforce. So, is Digital Transformation a job creator or a job destroyer?

Whenever we have a chat with our potential customers about Digital Transformation, most of them believe we will take away jobs and replace real people with machines. It’s not true.

To prove our point, let’s take a look at these 3 examples of Digital Transformation where companies managed to keep their headcount. In fact, with technology, they improved job satisfaction and gained productivity like never before.

Real-life Digital Transformation Examples

  1. Thriving Customer Service Team
  2. Domino’s Pizza – Improved Business Process
  3. Netflix – Changed Business Model

1. Thriving Customer Service Team

One of our clients approached us as they had issues with the Customer Service Team. In fact, their Customer Service representatives would be busy 4 days out of 5 manually filling orders from one form to another. Due to this tedious task, they had no time to answer phone requests and help customers with their issues. On top of it, they had no information on stock availability or delivery details.

However, 1 day out of the full week, they would provide Customer Service expertise and help customers with their issues. Now, the main problem was that by the time the Customer Service Rep would call back a frustrated customer, it was too late as the customer no longer required the product they wanted to buy.

So, when we introduced Digital Transformation, we identified all repetitive tasks and showed how much more their Customer Service team would achieve by automating all these tedious tasks. After a successful implementation of our solution, their Customer Service team found themselves in a better work environment, which led to an improved job satisfaction rate.

2. Domino’s Pizza – Changed Business Process

Back in the day, Domino’s were an average pizza place. People wouldn’t go there willingly, and neither did they have this name at the top of their minds when they thought of a takeaway.

Until Domino’s fully renovated their approach.

Order online, takeaway tracker and full transparency of a delivery process. Although they have introduced this radical change, its mission and company values have stayed the same. They still make and deliver pizza.

However, with Digital Transformation, they changed the company’s approach and now provide the best experience to their existing customers. Best part? With improved customer service experience, they attracted new customers to join. It is a perfect example of a change that helps you transform your processes and improve customer satisfaction but also brings more jobs into the company due to increased demand on the market.

3. Netflix – Changed Business Model

Netflix, when it first started, was sending out DVDs to people’s homes, replacing a traditional video store. Back then, it was already a huge change as people could go online and choose what film they wanted to watch and when they wanted to receive it. However, Netflix didn’t stop there.

When the Internet became a more permanent choice for the masses and video consumption grew, the company decided to build a streaming platform we all know and use today. Now, they still work in the film business, and they still provide “rental” of videos, but they do it in a new, digitally transformed way.

You can probably guess that due to these changes, the value of the company grew, and instead of worrying about layoffs, it became one of the most desirable companies to work in around the globe.

All these examples show that Digital Transformation is not about replacing people with technology. Instead, it’s about improving your existing processes and making your company desirable on the market by bringing value to the customers and improving job satisfaction for your employees.

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