5 Qualities of Digitally Mature Organisations

70% of companies have some type of digital transformation strategy for the upcoming years, leaving 30% of businesses resisting to adapt to a changing world.

Harvard Research identified the last group as immature organisations that will face issues in a foreseeable future. Therefore, those who decided to change their company dynamics and embrace the digitalisation of the workplace, have similar five qualities that make them excel.

Let’s list these five characteristics of digitally mature organisations:

1. The ultimate understanding of the customer.
2. Data-driven culture.
3. Curious employees.
4. Continuous learning.
5. Collaborative decision-making.

The Ultimate Understanding of the Customer

In today’s world customers have a great choice of products to buy. Therefore your business must stand up and cover all pain points they might have. However, it might be harder to implement than we think it is. One of the best ways to understand the consumer is to collect and structure all your data. Any company can understand their buyers way better now if they utilise all data correctly.

Although some might notice that this trend is not unique and leading companies do so for decades, studies show that only 55% of businesses focus on the customers and their needs. Hence, it becomes essential to listen to the customers, collect their reviews and feedback to improve your business.

Data-driven Culture

Any digitally mature organisation has software in place that collects, analyses and helps to set a future roadmap. In 2022 we don’t drive on data, we use it to improve our decisions which means that sometimes the data will be imperfect, incomplete and even biassed. However, the employees must understand it and use their critical thinking skills to develop new insights, instead of relying on previous experiences.

For example, at Allsop, we do so by using our Data Management Software. We provide a data service that integrates and connects all these to reduce multiple layers of data entry.

Curious Employees

Another characteristic of digitally mature companies is the adaptive and creative mindset of their employees. In today’s world, any business has to be flexible. Therefore, employees have to be responsible for listening to the customers, suppliers and competitors for any changes, questions or suggestions. Those teams who thrive to be open with their public tend to be comfortable with admitting some areas they don’t know, they are willing to learn, improve and adapt to the next challenges.

Although automation is a driving force of the next decades, it’s essential to have people on the team who can gain powerful insights and data from their customers. Consequently, hiring and promoting staff in such companies noted that they are focused on the adaptivity and curiosity of their employees.

Continuous Learning

“Digitally mature organisations leverage design thinking, lean start-up, and agile methodologies to power innovation.” – Harvard Business School.

Modern companies prioritise employee education, leverage design thinking and focus on innovative ideas. They always make sure to know the latest trends, adopt new technologies and experiment with modern products. Therefore, to stand out today as a business, you must be ready for continuous learning and your employees should be aware of the new industries’ aspects as well.

Collaborative Decision-making

No modern company would be able to gain its growth without collaborative work. All employees of the digitally aware organisation must be a part of the end result. It’s possible to achieve so by implementing software that allows teams to work together no matter where they are placed.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies realised the need to adapt to hybrid or even fully remote work. Therefore, automation solutions with collaboration tools are a must today. Such software also protects the information, saves employees time and reduces data entry mistakes. At Allsop, we are leaders in automation software with more than 20 years of experience. Learn more about our order automation solutions that can improve your working life.

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