3 Steps to Improve the Onboarding Process


60% of companies don’t realise they can improve their HR onboarding processes by automation. Find out 3 main steps to start!

60% of companies don’t realise they can improve their HR processes with automation. 

It comes from the unknown and uncertainty of the new digital transformation trend, many have raised in the past few years. However, how to educate your employer on this topic? What should you know? And what are the main steps to improve your workflow?

In this blog post, we will cover the HR onboarding process and show you three main steps to help you improve your work in no time.

Start By Asking Questions

Did you know that more than 20% of newcomers usually struggle to understand what they need to do during the onboarding process? Team members might not be aware of the initial steps, HR can be busy, and it all affects the first impression on the company.

Those who received a poor onboarding process are more likely to leave the business in the next few months. Therefore, leading companies focus twice as much as on this process than those who have problems with employee retention.

So if your company wants to improve the onboarding process, start by asking the next questions:

  • Which activities consume most of the time?
  • Where are candidates confused?
  • What procedures make it difficult to customise the process?

With the hold-ups in the process determined, next focus is on the individual procedures.

Analyse Your Existing Process

When you identify the bottlenecks of the Onboarding process, you need to analyse all procedures and the potential for automation or ultimately removing these now unnecessary steps that consume time.

You shall keep in mind the essential processes that cannot be erased but can be easily improved with modern technologies. This is where the improvement strategy comes along.

The Improvement Strategy

It’s comprehensible that not every HR team has enough time to conduct the mentioned research due to the lack of time. However, that is exactly where the Allsop team can help you!

We have worked with a range of clients to improve their HR Onboarding processes. For example, you can see on the graphic down below our HR automation solution. It helps teams to automate all essential and time-consuming steps in their HR hiring procedure.

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