3 Processes To Automate This Year

Automation of business processes is a significant trend in the modern workplace. However, how to identify what exactly you need to improve? Find out here.

Automation is a significant trend in the modern workplace for many businesses. In 2023 it is going to grow bigger and faster. However, it also becomes harder to identify what exactly you need to implement and if you need it in the first place.

Large companies proudly share their experience with automation and believe others should do the same. However, business automation is a programme of change requiring organisational culture alignment to ensure post-implementation success. Therefore, what can you do if you are considering automation but have a hard time identifying where to start?

First of all, you need to understand your digital transformation goal and eliminate processes that are directly associated with your products and services. By doing so, you identify crucial areas of improvement for your business, as there is no need to automate processes that don’t influence the profit of the company.

You might need to consider automating these processes to deliver improved profit:

  • Visualise Your Data
  • Simplify HR Recruitment
  • Empower Customer Services

Visualise Your Data

In 1921 Frederick R. Barnard said, ‘A picture tells a thousand words.’ After 100 years, the statement is still correct. Data visualisation is considered one of the most efficient tools to speed-up business decisions. 

In a work environment, we accumulate a great amount of information which makes it harder to understand the progress of the business or make swift decisions when needed.

However, with data management software you can easily get an overview of the information, understand which tasks slow down the work of other departments, and identify if there is a negative trend you should be aware of.

Simplify HR Recruitment

47% of companies use some form of Artificial Intelligence in HR function which allows them to cut onboarding costs, make more data-based decisions and improve the employee experience.

The recruitment process is prime for business automation in 2023. Especially, when it is currently focused on repetitive tasks which take considerable time from your HR team.

With automation, your HR department can effortlessly improve the capture of candidates’ data, fill in positions quickly, and provide smooth onboarding processes, all without manual data collection. Check out more in the video!

At Allsop, our HR Automation solution utilises digital and Voice technology to automate repetitive simple tasks, hence returning time to the HR Professionals to review and present the best talent to the business.

Empower Customer Services

In 2023 most of the employees in the Customer Service teams will be aware of automation and how it can improve their working life. For example, statistics show that nearly 70% of workers say the biggest opportunity of automation lies in reducing time wasted on repetitive work associated with manual order management.

At Allsop, our Order Automation solution delivers for you, and your customers with reduced data errors, customer service having insights on all the latest information connected to the customers’ orders and easily accessible data on stock levels and delivery.


In 2023 companies will become more open to the automation topic as they start to see the real benefit behind the software. It is no longer human against the technology battle, in the upcoming years business will notice great growth if they implement solutions to improve processes and help their teams.

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