3 Main Aspects of Automation for Small Businesses

Due to limited time, money and resources, small businesses would never consider automation at their workplaces. However, it’s no longer the case in 2022!

When leading a small business, you have limited time, money and resources. Therefore, the topic of automation seems too expensive and advanced for you. However, it’s no longer the case.

Research from McKinsey showed that only 25% of small businesses automated their processes in 2019. However, the number increased to an astonishing 88% by 2022. Nowadays, the majority identified at least one process they automated in their company.

Now, let’s step back and think about the main reasons behind automation.

  1. 100% data accuracy. One of the downsides of manual work is mistakes and typos. However, you can forget about it when you automate data entry in your small business.
  2. Your time is back. Many businesses also noticed that with automated processes, their employees have more time to complete more crucial work rather than spending their time on paperwork or repetitive tasks.
  3. Transparency. When you have one software with all your business data, it’s much easier to make essential business decisions. For example, with the automated data, you can truly understand your business performance and highlights aspects you and your team might need to improve. On top of it, with automation, you can access detailed reports at any time in just a few clicks!

For some, the success behind automation might be understandable and clear. However, which are the most popular processes that are automated in small businesses like yours? Let’s take a look.

Data automation

Reducing manual data entry by automating data collection is one of the main processes any business should consider automating. For instance, Zapier found out that small companies automate 38% of processes connected to data. It helps them to improve efficiency, data security and collaboration between teams.

Customer support

Customers are the livelihood of your small business. Therefore, to show your commitment to them, you must produce qualified and prompt support. Therefore, automation of customer support is essential for small businesses. One of the examples can be order automation. Forget about manual data keying and hours spent on a phone placing orders or answering the same questions. With automation, you can free your time to improve other processes of your small business and improve customer retention by providing better support to them.

HR processes

When you’re a business owner of a small business, HR processes are probably dragging you down with the amount of work you need to do. Especially, when you are recruiting someone new! The manual job advertisement, writing down all your notes from endless interviews and trying to catch up with other aspects of the business. Sounds familiar? Well, not anymore if you implement HR Automation. Receive all your candidates’ information in one place and automatically drill down to the talents you’re interested in. Invite on interview and create reports in a few clicks. The best part? No paperwork included. Check our video to understand how HR Automation works.

If you are considering automating work processes for your small business, check our latest webinar where we cover Digital Transformation and How to Avoid Failure. Register here to get a copy!

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