Zero Touch Recruitment Solution

Digitise your recruitment, interview and onboarding process with a streamlined mobile and web solution.

Provide a consistent interview experience regardless of location or interviewer. Using the mobile solution ensures all mandatory questions are answered. Interview notes and candidate scores are collected on the mobile solution and sent automatically to the central portal solution. Eliminating the risk of lost or damaged paperwork.

Why you need an Intelligent Recruitment Solution

Improve Compliance

Digitising your interview and onboarding process ensures all data collected is securely stored and that the correct procedures are consistently followed.

Streamline HR Processes

Empower your HR staff with increased data visibility and centralised access to new start details. This helps to reduce time and money spent on the hiring and onboarding process.

Improve Employee Retention

By providing an improved onboarding experience you decrease the risk of your employee leaving. Up to 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days.

The Zero Touch Recruitment Solution delivers benefit to all those involved in recruitment, delivering an improved experience for applicants, Hiring Managers, HR Managers and the business as a whole. 

The Applicant
  • A streamlined application where the applicant can upload documents, scan approved ID and enter qualification data.
  • Where language barriers exist, the system is configurable to support multi-language applications. 
  • Document scanning allows for pre-configured documents/ID sources to be scanned and relevant applicant data extracted and populated directly to the application
Hiring Manager
  • The solution guides the interview, supporting the hiring manager to ensure they’re complying with HR governance without HR oversight
  • Interviews can be conducted remotely where required 
  • Interview rate is increased vs Paper and documentation is stored securely 
  • Offers can be issued on the completion of a successful interview, greatly reducing the time-to-hire
HR Manager
  • The solution allows the HR manager to configure the required governance for each job opening in advance, reducing the oversight required to validate applications for interview 
  • The advance configuration also applies to the interview, meaning HR managers can determine the criteria to be met before the hiring manager can issue an offer. Reducing the requirement for a HR manager to be present during interview and increasing the flexibility of the interview scheduling by reducing participants 
  • All documentation and applicant answers are recorded instantly, reducing admin  
  • Monitoring and Medical declarations – Regulatory compliance is maintained by capturing all necessary medical and monitoring (NI) data from the applicant but suppressing this info from hiring and HR manager until such time as an application is complete.  
  • Reporting functionality allows the HR manager to report on compliance throughout the hiring process

HR Compliance is mandated through advance configuration ensuring 100% compliance with a significant reduction in the human effort to do so. The solution supports full transparency and the reporting functionality meaning audits are easily completed. 

The Business 
  • The solution provides a stronger employee pool through increased throughput of applications and reduced time-to-hire 
  • Automation of the hiring process reduces dependency on skilled managers in the hiring process without reducing business compliance 
  • Ensuring the hiring manager is blind to any medical and monitoring declarations demonstrates a fair and unbiased hiring process, protecting the business owner from spurious claims of discrimination 
  • Significant reduction in costs through all phases of the application process 


How it Works 

Integration with Online Job Board

The onboarding solution integrates with your chosen online job board. Collecting all data and applicant details.

Candidate Progression

Based on information collected in the interview, candidates are split between successful and unsuccessful. The appropriate letters of offer or rejection are sent to each candidate.

Application Dashboard

The portal displays a high-level view of the details of all job applicants and application forms that have been received.

Letter of Offer and Onboarding

A letter of offer is received and if accepted the candidate receives their contract of employment. Managers can now begin the on-boarding process delivered via a mobile device.

Interview Process

Interviews are carried out on a mobile or tablet with all information and notes collected digitally and sent back to the web portal.

Continued Training

Initial and ongoing training is delivered via a mobile device. Reminders can be set up to ensure that training is completed at the correct stage of employment. Electronic signatures create a full record of proof of training and induction.

Objectives of Digitising your Hiring and Onboarding

Interviewing and onboarding new employees can be a big task for your business. Once you’ve found the right candidate it is important that they have a positive onboarding experience. This is to ensure that they are welcomed into the company and given the tools to ensure that they perform in their job role. Many companies have ditched paper processes for interviewing and onboarding and switched to a streamlined digital solution.

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