Order Automation

Introducing an Order Automation Solution eliminates the time-intensive, expensive and often error-prone process of manual order entry. Allowing your employees to instead focus on building customer relationships and providing improved customer service.

Why you need an Order Automation Solution

Reduce Costs

Save upwards of £10,000 per year, depending on the number of orders processed.

Save Time

Save more than 16 hours per week within your customer services team. 

Reduce Errors

Eliminating data re-entry and applying customised order validation rules ensure 100% order accuracy.

How it Works 

Top Six Benefits of Sales Order Automation 

The way your business processes customer’s orders directly affects your order to payment process. Relying on a manual process could put you at risk of delivering poor customer service and impact your profitability. Here at Allsop, we have recently developed an order automation solution, taking your order directly from an email to your ERP and sent to the warehouse for order fulfilment, all without the need for data re-entry.

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