Mobile Workforce Management

Increase productivity, profitability and compliance with a mobile solution
In today’s business environment, organisations are under constant pressure to seek new ways to operate more efficiently. One area where companies may find this most difficult is managing their mobile workforce. By relying on a paper-based process managers have no insight into where their field workers are; what job they are carrying out or to what standard the work is being completed.
Our mobile workforce management solution enables you to streamline the processes involved with managing your field workers. Saving you both time and money.

There are generally two parts to mobile workforce software: a web-based management system and a mobile application. Managers are able to schedule jobs remotely to field workers from the management system to the mobile app. In the field, workers use the app to access their job schedule and record their daily activities. Capturing all data required for the job. This data is fed back to the office, where management now has real-time visibility of their workers and their activity.

Our solution is fully customisable and we have developed a range of custom features for businesses like yours. Working closely with you, we will deliver an encompassing solution that supports your business to operate more efficiently.

Key Benefits

Increased Productivity

Optimise workforce efficiency with smarter scheduling and the removal of time intensive admin and reporting.

Increased Profitability

Accurate time tracking, recording of parts used and faster invoicing ensure the profitability of each of your projects.

Improved Compliance

Ensure that all Health and Safety standards and Service Level Agreements are met with customisable, mandatory mobile workflows.

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Mobile Features 

Complete Job List

All scheduled jobs, job locations and any additional job details required are received via the smartphone app.


Location tracking allows for improved reactive job scheduling and lone worker protection.

Mandatory Checks

Complete customised compliance forms such as health and safety or vehicle checks on the smartphone.

Offline Working

Continue to work offline and data will sync automatically once a connection becomes available.

Data Capture

Capture all data for jobs including but not limited to photographs, barcodes and signatures. All records are time and location stamped.

Automatic Syncing

Job details are automatically sent to the web application, giving office staff and managers increased visibility of field activities.

Desktop Features 

Job Creation and Schedule

Create jobs manually or integrate with your current system. Schedule jobs effectively to your workers and easily incorporate emergency or reactive jobs.


Fully customisable reports including job reports, timesheets and vehicle checks. Available to download also.

Cloud Storage

All files related to the job sync to the web application automatically. All files are then saved in cloud storage. Providing anytime, any place access.

Manage Clients

Set up individual companies to manage and record any work carried out on that contract.

Asset Management

Maintain full audit trails for all assets. Additionally, asset triggers can be set up to automatically schedule and dispatch a required inspection job.

Map Function

View employees, assets and client location on integrated maps. Employee route replay is also available.

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What our Customers are saying 

“To keep our business moving forward we’re constantly investing in smart technology. The most important thing is that smart technology helps us to achieve our business goals. Immense improvement has been made in our company by streamlining our everyday procedures.”

Ross Patterson, Patterson Oil 

“In my opinion the success of the solution Allsop has delivered lies in its flexibility. The intelligent mobile and web solution has allowed us to innovate and find new ways to reduce our fuel costs and optimise our network of routes.”

Gary Anderson, Brakes FoodService Ireland 

A Guide to Introducing a Mobile Workforce Management Solution

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