Digital Wallet

Flexible solutions to meet the growing demand for cashless payment

There is no doubt that our society is heading towards a cashless future. Our digital wallet solution offers a method for businesses, like yours, to cater for the growing demand for cashless payments. 

Our digital wallet solution equips your employees, members or customers with a membership card that can be used for cashless payment throughout your facilities. The card can also be used for a variety of other services you may require such as secure door access.

The solution includes a custom web portal where the card can be topped up online as well as providing access to transactions and statements. The portal has a dynamic menu dependant on user permissions for both your staff and users and is fully customisable based on your needs.

The Rise of Cashless Payment 

Consumer Spending Habits

Percentage of Consumer Payments made in Cash 



Estimated for 2025 

Source: Payment Council

Key Features and Benefits  

Cashless Transactions

Reduce queues with faster payment processing. Reduce cash administration and associated cash handling costs.

E-Wallet Transactions

Itemised list of purchases for users. Opportunity for data-driven marketing with the increased visibility of purchasing habits.

Online Top-up

Allow users to top-up anytime, any place. Improve your cash flow as the card balance is updated before being spent.

Receipts and Statements

Staff and users can view and download itemised receipts and statements.

Auto Top-up

Allow users to set up automatic top-ups once the balance on their card falls below a preset amount.

Automatic Text and Email Updates

Text and email updates of auto top-up success or failure. Providing a higher level of customer service.

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