Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is cloud-based productivity, hosted by Microsoft.

At its heart is Office itself—the familiar, rich Office applications customers use and love – now offered as a cloud service, so it’s always up to date. But Office 365 is also so much more. It’s about bringing enterprise-grade services to organisations of all sizes, from online meetings to sharing documents to business-class email. Per user licensing means customers can download and use Office on their favourite devices (online or off), while IT administrators keep control over the organisation’s workloads from a single, easy to use console. Ultimately, Office 365 delivers tremendous value in one affordable subscription.

Microsoft Office 365 Services

Evaluation Services

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, Allsop can provide extensive evaluation services to prove that Office 365 not only lives up to your expectations but exceeds them! We can help with setting up your trial, and taking you through the range of services you will have access to during your trial.

Migration Services

Taking that first step into the Cloud is usually the most daunting and challenging part of your transition. Allsop strive to make it as painless as possible by offering guidance and hands-on support to ease the migration of your data to your new environment.

On-going Training and Support

After you’ve made the move to Office 365, we won’t leave you stranded! We offer comprehensive, around-the-clock support services for all software and solutions that we provide. We also offer training to help your staff get familiar with the newer Office interface, or else to brush-up on existing skills, or even learn some new ones. The modern Office suite contains tons of new features that can help your business productivity soar, so ask us today about the training programmes we offer to help achieve this for you.

Planning & Purchase Advice

We can help explain the different Office 365 plans that are available, and what options would best suit your environment. Often, several different plans or options are best combined to give you large cost savings.

Service Explanation

Most companies know that moving to the Cloud is now more a case of “when” rather than “if”. If you’re not sure why you should be moving, or are worried about being left behind, let us help explain exactly why you want to move now rather than later.

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