Transportation Profit Analysis

Use the interactive demo below to filter by depot, vehicle or drill into Profit by Route/Run.


Following an extended period of significant growth, this distribution business needed a way of analysing the efficiency and profitability across its fleet. Providing a view of the operational Profit/Loss performance across the entire fleet, would empower the business to make informed business decisions faster and with confidence.


As the business grew, so too did the volume of data and reporting. The business found itself relying heavily on administration staff to collate, analyse and present data. The time involved and cost of producing these reports was impacting the decision making process, with the added risk of human error and this was no longer a sustainable option. The Operations department in particular wanted to know which vehicles that left the depots each morning were running a profit and which were not.


Connecting directly to the company SQL database stored on premise allowed us to create a fully automated and bespoke solution specific to the needs of the business. This solution was designed with scheduled refreshes to keep the data up to date enabling a much faster decision making process.

Sales Overview Dashboard

The dashboard gives a high-level overview of sales information enabling the company to identify key growth areas and areas that need attention.

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