Sales Rep Performance Dashboard

Use the interactive demo below to filter by Sales Rep and drill-through to a detailed product analysis. 

This all island car parts company required a platform that provided up to date, interactive sales information that could be viewed and analysed by their sales reps on the road. By having this information at their fingertips their sales team would be best placed to identify areas of the business that required more focus to maximise their sales and profits.
The business had performed poorly compared to last year’s figures and they wanted to identify sales reps, products and customers that had affected this change in performance. Additionally, the sales reps relied purely on the office staff to issue performance figures via email, which was a timely exercise.
Our solution empowered the sales reps to view their own performance and areas they can improve while also enabling them to benchmark performance against their peers. This accurate information at the fingertips of the reps allowed them to delve much deeper into the data than the previous process allowed.
Sales Overview Dashboard

The dashboard gives a high-level overview of sales information enabling the company to identify key growth areas and areas that need attention.

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