Sales Overview Dashboard

Use the interactive demo below to filter by manufacturer, model or product type.

In order to grow their car parts distribution network, this all island company wanted a high level overview of their sales information that was up to date and easy to interrogate. This would enable them to identify key growth areas and areas that needed attention.
Their current method involved using static reports, mainly in PowerPoint and PDF format which did not allow for analysis on the fly. These static reports were a drain on resources taking several hours to prepare each month, were prone to human error and never completely up to date.
Connecting directly to the company SQL database stored in Microsoft Azure allowed us to create a fully automated solution, with scheduled refreshes to keep the data up to date. This allowed the users to receive rapid answers to key business questions and enabled them to make decisions quicker than before.
Sales Rep Performance Dashboard

The dashboard provides both a high-level overview of each sales rep and the ability to dive deep into detailed YoY sales information.

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