Budgeted vs Actual Sales Analysis

Use the interactive demo below to filter by product, item, or country based on YTD or MTD figures of budgeted vs actual sales. 

A food distributor wanted a solution that would model daily actual sales against their budgeted sales. They wanted a report that combined a high-level overview with a more detailed view, which would allow multiple types of users to benefit from the one report.
Currently, they have an excel spreadsheet that is manually refreshed once a day to pull in actual sales. The excel spreadsheet is tabular in its nature and can be cumbersome to spot trends in its current format. The fine granularity of the spreadsheet meant that members of the board tended not to look at this frequently and actions based on the data were rare.
Power BI was chosen as the ideal solution to this companies problems. The data was loaded using excel files and by connecting to a SQL database meaning it was a fully automated solution, bar loading in the new budget once a year. Two tabs were developed, one with the management board in mind, and one for the data analyst team in mind. The comment feature of Power BI was also utilised so data insights could be actioned.
Sales Overview Dashboard

The dashboard gives a high-level overview of sales information enabling the company to identify key growth areas and areas that need attention.

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