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Supporting you at these uncertain times.

We want to share with you a few different tools that we have come across in recent days. 

Forecasting in Unpredictable Circumstances 

Power BI Insights by Val Q

Current Trading Uncertainty 

  • What-if Simulations 
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Operations Planning

Collaboration for Working Remotely 

Power BI Collaboration  

The video demonstrates the ‘comment’ section in Power BI which can be a handy collaboration tool as we move to remote working.

The demo highlights how several people can access a Power BI report remotely to analyse sales figures and set up required actions. 


Prepare for Cashless Payment 


As demand for cashless payment rises, the SumUp contactless payment card reader offers a low-cost solution. 

Easily offer customers secure card payments. SumUp is a fully PCI-compliant solution and EMV certified hardware.

CNBC report that cashless payment is becoming more appealing as people fear cash could spread coronavirus. 

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams allows for teams to keep in touch when working remotely, with online meetings, video calls and chat functionality.

Microsoft Teams is included as part of Office 365, but due to recent events with the increase in remote working Microsoft are making the software available to everyone for free. 

Image Credit: Microsoft 

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