Innovate through insights and analytics. Analytics is the collection, analysis, processing and presentation of data that drives business intelligence that informs business decision-making.

A Business Intelligence solution can provide historical, current and future views of business operations. These views help to identify trends, improve decision making and gain competitive advantages over competitors. Interactive tools allow for self-service BI where users can analyse and interrogate data themselves which decentralises data, benefitting the business.


Analytics for Business  

Using Power BI as our platform we can create dashboards to show…

Descriptive Analytics

To explore historical data and presents past business outcomes.

Predictive Analytics

Model data sets and present a future trend or pattern.

Prescriptive Analytics

Direct business decisions based on known patterns from predictive analytics.

Research Shows That…


is the average growth rate of insight driven businesses


of business leaders say that self serve business intelligence creates a significant competitive advantage


of business leaders say self serve options accelerate learning and responsiveness in organisations

Benefits of Using a Business Intelligence Solution for Analytics 

Save Time with Automation

Automating your reporting processes means that users can focus on analysing the reports rather than producing them.

Centralised Reporting

Ensure report users are looking at the same information at the same time, avoiding conflicts around differing figures. Data is kept up to date using scheduled refreshes.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage over business rivals by having a greater understanding and overview of your business.

Improved Data Quality

Apply business logic and rules to your data model, reducing the chance of human error and leading to more accurate reporting.

Identify Market Trends

Visualising data can bring meaning and reveal insight that would be lost in an excel file or database.

Access Wherever, Whenever

Dashboards can be accessed through a variety of formats. Access insights at your desk, on your phone, or embed reports into a custom web portal.

Allsop Awarded Platinum Level Innovator Status 

We are delighted to be awarded a Platinum Level innovator certification from the Department for the Economy. The scheme recognises businesses across Northern Ireland who have shown innovation.

Interactive Demo 

We use Power BI to develop a range of Business Dashboards to surface invaluable data. 

Click below to view a range of our interactive dashboard demos, to get an understanding of how the solution would work for your business.

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